Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jacksons Favorite 0-6 Months

I can not even believe my baby boy is almost 6 months old. As I have realized that he is getting older and is going to be in need of different toys, activities, etc. It made me realize that I want/need to document the things that Jackson loved. And the things that made Craig and I's life much easier these first 6 months.

First of all, even though I nursed for the first three months, we used bottles the entire time, so that Craig could help me with the feedings! What a great husband I have. And what great bottles these were! I had talked to many friends before Jackson was born, and when I was registering, and they all suggested using Dr. Brown bottles. I was not disappointed. They have an extra part that helps keep the baby from sucking down too much air. It is supposed to help with colic also. In one of the bottle gift sets, it comes with a bottle bag also, which has been EXTREMELY helpful when we bring his bottles to church.
When Jackson was in the womb, I could tell he was a "sucker, I could always feel him sucking on my right hip. At the time, I did not know for sure that is what he was doing, but when he came out ready to suck on anything, I figured I was right. He became a paci baby right away. He is a really easy baby, so he will use any type of paci that you give him, but by far, his favorite is the Nuk brand. The way that the paci is made, its not supposed to affect how his teeth come in. Who knows. But he sure does love this paci!
This bouncy seat is Fisher Price, Rainforest. It is WONDERFUL. And has been such a lifesaver for the entire first 6 months. The seat vibrates, so at the beginning, this is where Jackson would take his naps. It was very relaxing to him. And it was a lifesaver for me, because, after my mom left and Craig had to go back to work, this is how I would take showers. I would bring this into the bathroom, so that I could still see him, but he was completely happy. LIFESAVER. As he became more alert, I was able to add the activity bar, which he loved. I really think it helped him learn how to grasp. And the "waterfall" lights up. He loves it. He doesnt use it as much anymore, because he is enjoying moving around. But I still use it when I am getting ready in the morning.There are so many play mats out there. I definitely had no idea what I was looking for. My future sister in law, Reese, picked this one out for Jackson. And it could not be more perfect. It is brightly colored and has so many things for him to play with. And since there are different toys at different layers, he is still discovering new things now. He has gotten to the butterfly stage. :) He doesnt stay underneath it for as long of periods of time now, because he is busy moving around, but he still likes to lay underneath it and look at the lights that move to the sound of music that plays. It is great!
Ok, first of all, that is not my child. But he has this Fisher Price Sea Horse. We received this from someone at our church. I did not register for it, and when I saw it, I thought it was kinda cheesy. However, Craig thought it was so neat. He would actually show it to any and everyone who came over. He was so impressed that there was a water noise in the background while music plays, and the tummy lights up. Well come to find out, Jackson LOVES it too. It helps put him to sleep every night. He just lays there and looks at the tummy, and it puts him to sleep. Perfection, I tell you.
This is the First Years Gentle Vibrations 3 in 1 Crib Soother. Craig and I registered for this at Target, really not having a clue what it did. But it ended up being really cool, and really helpful in getting Jackson to sleep at night. He responded so well to the bouncy seat that vibrated. And we did not shell out all that money for a vibrating mattress. But this has a little thing that you put underneath the mattress, and then this is like the remote control, that you can put on the dresser or whatever, and it makes the mattress vibrate. It also has the ability to play music or nature sounds or womb noises. We rarely use the noise function because he has his sea horse. But we definitely use the vibration function.
We registered for a sleep positioner at Target. But we ended up returning it, because I heard in my birthing class, that it could be a risk for SIDS. But when we got to the time that we were wanting to move Jackson from his bassinet in our room, to his crib in his room, I asked a couple of moms who's opinions I trust, and they used the sleep positioner. So, I went to Babies R Us, and got a super cheap one, in case, I decided I didnt like it. But I loved it. So did Jackson. It helped with his startle reflex, and I have never felt like it was dangerous to him. The other item that people suggested when I was talking about getting Jackson to sleep through the night was the Miracle Blanket. Oh my goodness! This was the missing link. As soon as we got this swaddle blanket, Jackson slept through the night (unless of course, he wasnt feeling good!). They teach you how to swaddle when you are in the hospital, but Jackson HATED being swaddled. HATED it.. but after the first use of the Miracle Blanket, he would get the most peaceful look when we put him in it. We are still using it, however, he has figured out how to break out during the night. :)
My friend Stacy, made this diaper pouch for Jackson. Well, it wasnt this exact one, it was a different fabric, but still. I love it. It helps keep the diaper bag organized. I love it!
My friend, Amanda, made this for Jackson. Again, not this color, his is the black and white, but with green trimming. I love it! Again, this travel wipe dispenser is super cute and helps the diaper bag stay organized! Amanda, also makes diaper pouches which are wonderful gifts!!!
And finally, Jackson has more recently started to enjoy this toy. It is the EvenFlo Exersaucer Three In One. It is an activity mat, exersaucer and activity table. This is not the exact one that we have, but similar. It is great, it has three little stations that play music, talk about colors, shapes, and numbers. Jackson really loves it!

All of these things ahve been so helpful during the first six months of Jacksons life! I cant wait to see what the next six months holds!