Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Growing Boy

Jackson LOVES his veggies! So far, I have made all of his baby food. I figured since I am staying at home with him, I should at least try! What he eats so far, is pretty easy to make! So far, he has had carrots, sweet potatoes and a combo of sweet potatoes and broccoli. He loves every bit of it! All orange, so I am going to work on some green beans this week. I dont want my little boy to turn orange. But he sure loves eating his veggies. As you can see, it can get a BIT messy. He gets SO excited that he wants to help his mommy put the spoon in his mouth. Very cute. But very messy!
And then he remembers how tasty his toe is, so his toe gets involved with the veggies! Messy!
So tonight, we implemented the use of the high chair. We were not sure how it was going to work out since he is not sitting up on his own. But it worked just fine. He had to get back into the routine of eating. I think since he couldnt move his whole body to "help" and his toes couldnt be a part of the eating process, he had to remember all he had to do was open his mouth. It didnt take long! And he ate all of his sweet potatoes and broccoli! Good boy!

We have also been breaking out of our swaddle several times throughout the night. I am sure he will be fine, but I still stress that he wont lift his head up or something and quit breathing. I need to loosen up. Another BIG development... yesterday, Jackson started "crawling". It is in quotes because it is definitely not the regular crawl. It is his own version. But he can definitely get from point A to point B. The good news is that my life hasnt completely changed because he does not do it all the time. And he hasnt realized that he can do it throughout the house. He just does it on his big white blanket from toy to toy. It is only time though. It is really cute!He also LOVES his exersaucer. And is getting much better at standing up and moving around from station to station!
Of course, he loves to put his exersaucer toys in his mouth!

Today, I had a meeting at church for Joyful Noise. Thats our Mothers Day Out program. I am going to be working in the baby class two days a week! I am really excited just to work a little bit. And being in Jacksons classroom, will be really nice. I am going to get to team teach with our new pastor's wife, Emily. I am really excited! I think I can learn alot from her!!

But cute cute story.. I didnt get a picture, but I will work on this. Emily and Jeremy (our new pastor and his wife) have a daughter who is one month older than Jackson. We have joked that we are going to go back to arranged marriages and that Aubrey and Jackson will be married one day. Well, today during our meeting, Aubrey would smile at Jackson, Jackson would smile back,and Aubrey would bury her head in her mom's shoulder. And this would repeat. They were totally flirting. So cute!I sure love this little boy!!!


Katrina Jones said...

Terrific pictures! And who knew that babies could flirt! I thought boys were icky until last month! haha Jackson is probably the most photogenic baby on earth.

The McClures said...

SO cute! He looks like so much fun!

I want to try making baby food this time... you will have to be my teacher!

Dara Steward said...

Wow, he's just getting so big! And now crawling and eating food... what a cutie. We need to get together soon! Good for you for baby food making!

mgoff said...

mmmm....broccoli!!! Daisy has never had broccoli! You are such a great mom making his food!!!!