Thursday, July 9, 2009

Off Day... Or Week...

Ever since we have been back from Falls Creek and the weekend at my parents house, Jackson has been "off" sleeping. But just at night. He will wake up OFTEN screaming.. but his eyes are still closed and if you put his paci in his mouth, he stops. But this week, he has also been WIDE awake a couple of times and the only thing that will make him happy is to eat. He has not been eating at night for a long time, so I really do not know what the change is. I have even put rice cereal in his bottles thinking that will help, and it does not. Well today was rough. Even though Jackson had not been sleeping well through out the night, he was still taking 2 at least 2 hour naps. Sometimes 3 hours. So that would still give me time to rest or clean or just relax. Today, he slept for a total of 1 hour. ONE HOUR. The rest of the time he was basically squealing talking. To top it off, Craig has been speaking at Falls Creek this week for a church (I am glad he can do it), but it is really hard on me too. Sometimes, I just need a break.

Anyway, today was rough. I found myself getting so frustrated. BUT then I remember how blessed I am to have my baby boy... it was just a bad day.

So, I am going to post precious pictures of my sweet boy who is going to have to learn better sleeping habits again.

Jackson's Honey got him this really cute summery outfit! He loves it! Jackson is just like his daddy (in so many ways), but he gets really hot easily.. so this Oklahoma heat is not his favorite! So this outfit was perfect! Jackson wanted to wear it so his Honey could see him! My mom is so great! She came and watched Jackson last night, so that I could go with Craig to Falls Creek. I felt like I had really gotten to talk to him in like 2 weeks, it has been so busy. So that time was really appreciated. Plus Jackson LOVES snuggling with his Honey!
Gone are the days where I could lay Jackson under his play mat and he would be happy for a while! He has figured out how to roll from his back to his tummy! Remember, he already knows how to roll from his tummy to his back. However, he tends to forget and after he has been on his tummy for a while, he freaks out! So I have to go and save him! :) The first time he did this, was last Saturday, July 5th. It was a good thing that I saw him do it, because on Sunday when I picked him up from his class after evening worship, the lady volunteer told me he was turning over! I would have been so sad, if she had seen it first!

Everything, EVERYTHING goes into Jacksons mouth. He has become infactuated with his toes.. he loves to eat them. And of course he loves his fingers and any one else's fingers. (We do not let other people put their fingers in his mouth.. do not worry.. but he would sure love it if we would). It even helps with the eating of the rice cereal. If I am patient enough and keep my hand with the spoon in front of his face long enough he was grab my hands and push the spoon into his mouth. And then his face contorts as he realizes that the spoon has the yucky rice cereal on it. But hey it works! :)

I love my baby boy. Even if he doesnt sleep well. But his mommy and daddy would sure be happy if he decided to surprise us tonight and sleep throughout the night!


The Firestone's said...

Ahhh sleep!! Henry still has those nights! I think back to when I was pregnant and I would take afternoon naps, and sleep about 10 hrs at night.....gone are those days :)

sweet jude's mom said...

Yes, it seems like just when they have a nice, "set" routine, something happens and everything is topsy-turvy again. Jackson sure is a cutie, though - it's amazing how little sleep we can get by on with such precious faces smiling at us throughout the day! :)