Monday, July 6, 2009

Falls Creek

Last week, we took all of our students to Falls Creek! Wow, have things changed since I was a student!

Air conditioned tabernacle for one! And the students get to wear shorts to service. Somehow that seems reversed. We were forced to wear dresses/skirts/or jeans.. no shorts and we didnt have air conditioning. Oh well! :)

AND, they serve the snow cones in marghareta looking glasses. It is really weird. REALLY weird.

Anyway, we took over 150 students this year! It was the largest group that FBC Newcastle has taken. It was really a wonderful experience for all! We had over 35 decisions in our cabin alone. God definitely moved.

I brought Jackson. So my week was a bit different. I wasnt able to spend as much time with the students as I would have liked. Whenever Jackson would need a nap, I would have to go and sit with him in our "hotel room". It was nice.. I was able to relax. I was able to do alot of reading, which I hardly ever do. But, I was sad I wasnt able to spend as much time with the girls.

We left on Thursday morning, so that our new pastor and his two boys could have our "hotel room".

I was such a bad mom and did not get any pictures of Jackson at his first Falls Creek experience. But thanks to one of our awesome youth workers, she got a few pictures of Jackson on #1 Fan Night! Of course.. he was a SOONER fan! :)Our friends, The Parsons gave Jackson his OU hat, and the Keahbones gave him his OU shirt! It was his first time to wear them.. he is getting ready for football season!!!

He LOVED being at Falls Creek! He LOVED all of the students. He LOVED all the music. And he LOVED snuggling with so many people. He is just a really happy, easy going baby!
We brought his play mat and kept it in the pack and play downstairs. He was getting a little sleepy! But look at those eyes! How can you not love him?!?!?!


Amanda Isaacs said...

SO CUTE!!! I need to see you guys soon!

erinkern said...

He really is so sweet!

Leslie said...

Oh, falls creek! I visited for the first time last year and was amazed!

Emily & Eli said...

He is so cute. He looks a little mischievous on the last picture!