Monday, July 13, 2009


Sundays are always a tough day for us. Tough day meaning, we always get off schedule and we stay busy. But Sundays are good days too. :)

Yesterday was no different. Jackson woke up at his normal time, ate, played alittle bit, and then I had to get ready to go to church. As I tell all of my newly pg friends.. the bouncy seat is a LIFESAVER! It has been since he was a newborn, and still is today.
This is how I found him after I was done drying my hair. I have to make sure to strap him in these days.. he is always trying to turn on his side in his bouncy seat. So he turned his upper body on his side. You can see how tall he is here!!
I know I take a lot of pictures of Jackson. But seriously, how can you not when he is so cute and sweet! I love how he is grasping his hands together! SO SWEET!

Jackson did really good in his class at church! And then we went to my friend, Denise's wedding shower. It was really nice to be able to see friends from Crossings who I had not seen probably since I got married. Jackson was a really good boy! Mindy and Daisy were there too! Jackson doesnt really get the concept yet about playing with other babies. But Daisy does! And it was TOO cute. I so wish I had thought to get my camera to take pictures! Daisy kept crawling up to Jackson and kissing him! She would kiss his eyes, cheeks and the top of his head. She is such a sweet little girl! Jackson would just smile at her! I love it!

When we got home, this is what we saw in the field behind our house! I didnt grow up in the country. But, the grass was getting high in that field. I was kinda worried that the higher the grass got, the more creatures that would live in the grass. And that those creatures might come near our house. One day I saw them spraying stuff in the field.. so I called my dad. He said he bet they were going to use it as hay. He was right. So now the grass isnt high! But it looks like we have a bunch of haybales in our backyard. I so live in the country now.


Emily & Eli said...

Those pics of Jackson are cute... it made me scared you had him naked without a diaper in the bouncy before I looked closer. Pretty risky to me!

danielle said...

ha! emily! i just noticed that! he DEFINITELY has on a diaper!!

The McClures said...

Oh my goodness he IS tall! Adorable!!