Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nap Time

I tried something new on Monday. It didnt work. We always swaddle Jackson whenever he sleeps. He still startles himself with his arms. And since we always do it, I think the act of swaddling means "its time to go to sleep" to him. The specific swaddle blanket that we use is absolutely the most wonderful baby item EVER. However, it is starting to get a bit small for Jackson. I figure we can not swaddle him forever, so I thought I would try to ween him from using it. And that we would start with nap time. So I just laid him down in his crib. I didnt even use his sleep positioner because I was afraid he could hurt himself somehow if he tried to move.. I dont even know if thats possible. But thats how I felt. So anyway.. I left him in his room. He was quiet, but I didnt hear his sleeping breathing, so I walked in.. and this is what I found! Not sleeping! Thats for sure.. but he sure is cute!This is what he was doing... staring at his bear. Trying to figure out how to get him! He wants to move SO bad these days! Whether it be his toys or RALEY he is always trying to get them!
And since we have not figured out the crawling process yet (which is ok.. I am not sure I am ready for my life to FOREVER change just quite yet)... we R-E-A-C-H!

And then when we get whatever we want and are reaching for... we put it directly in our mouth! EVERYTHING goes in Jacksons mouths these days!!! Everyone asks us if hes teething since he is always knawing on somthing.. but the doctor doesnt think he is. So I guess we will see! :)
And then he has started growling! It is really the funniest thing! He will growl at his toys! He will growl at us. One of his favorite things to do is grab his daddy's hair and lean into his face and growl at him. Craig and I just laugh. We say its a baby's way to start "wrestling". Its really cute!!
After he was done growling. He just wanted to snuggle! How precious is that face!!! I decided to go ahead and swaddle him.. he fell right asleep! :)


Amanda Isaacs said...

I love that face!

Julie said...

all of those pictures are precious!!

Jessica said...

Hi Danielle! I don't know if you remember me, we went to high school together. But I love reading your blog, Jackson is SO cute!

Please keep updating about your adventures in swaddling. My son is 7 months old and we're still swaddling at night. Not one night of his life has he not been wrapped in the Miracle Blanket and I'm so scared of what life will be like when he's outgrown it. Which, technically, he already has at 22 pounds and 28 inches! Like Jackson, as soon as he's swaddled he's out like a light and I know it's because he recognizes it as a sign "it's time for bed". Sleeping through the night since 6 weeks is not a habit I'm looking forward to breaking...

Anyway...good luck and let us know any tricks to weaning the swaddle!

Jamie said...

He really is such a cute and precious baby can't wait to see him again!!