Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rice Cereal.

At Jacksons four month appointment, we got the "ok" to start giving him rice cereal! So last night, we got him ready for his first tasting. I was really expecting that he would HATE it! So we got him down to his diaper and his super cute bib from Stacy!
After his first bite, it was ALOT better than I expected! He was all smiles!I think I made it a BIT too thick. I am really not sure how much actually went down his throat versus what ended up on his face.
He would go after the spoon.. but I am not sure if that was because he knew it was food that he could eat.. or if he just thought it was something else he could chew on. Either way, he would lean into the bite.I evidently thought he needed me to show him what to do with his mouth to effectively eat his cereal! Overall, I was very impressed with his willingness to try the new food!!!

But eventually, he had had enough. By this point, he was hungry.. so he was ready for a bottle. We decided we would try again! :)