Friday, June 26, 2009


History was made yesterday.. when Michael Jackson died.... AND my Jackson.....
FOUND HIS FEET! ALL BY HIMSELF! On days that Jackson gets his shots, he is often very snuggly and wants to be held all the time, or at least very very near either Craig or I. Well, he was laying in my lap, and we were talking (he has become very chatty!) and all of a sudden, he did this!See, you can tell he is talking to me. Probably telling me how proud I should be of him because he found his feet like a big boy! On shot days, it doesnt take much to wear him out.

So we got our paci, so we could relax a bit more! AND then we found BOTH feet!

Look at those sweet eyes! A historical day in the Smith household. :) (And NOT because of Michael Jackson)


Julie said...

too fun. oh to be that flexible! :)