Thursday, June 25, 2009

4 Month Doctors Appt.

First of all, before we talk about his appointment.... notice how RED his hair looks today. I have NO idea what color hair he is going to have.. sometimes it is really blonde, and then he has a patch in the back that is pretty dark.

Anyway.. today we took him to his four month appointment. On one hand I was really excited to go so that we could see how much he had grown! But then on the other hand, I was sad, knowing he would be getting his second round of shots!

Well, the good news! He is doing perfectly! He weighs 13 pound 11 ounces (23%). He is 25 1/2 inches long (69%). And his head circ. is 17 inches (72%). My baby is tall and skinny... which clearly is in the genes that he receives from his mommy. :)

Shots. He did good. Last time, they gave all of his shots in one leg, all at the same time. This time, they gave it to him in both of his legs and one at a time. The first leg was fine. He didnt even cry. The second leg... he was MAD! He screamed and got really really really really red! It just took a few minutes to settle him down. He has been sleeping ever since. He did really good!

We are going to be starting rice cereal soon. I need to go by a baby spoon though. In everything we got as gifts, we dont have a spoon. :) And of course, I did not realize this, until just now, when I would need it. I am really anxious to see his reaction when he tries it.

I love this picture.. you can tell how much he LOVES his paci. He sucks that thing HARD... look at the marks around his mouth! Sweet little boy was already missing his morning nap during his appointment. He was a sleepy boy!


mckenziegordon said...

glad he's doing so well!!! That paci mark is super cute!

sweet jude's mom said...

Way to go, Jackson! You're growing so fast and are just as cute as can be!! :)