Sunday, June 21, 2009


Happy Fathers Day!!!!! Jackson LOVES his Daddy ALOT! He gets the BIGGEST smile everytime Craig comes around. Craig is the BEST dad. Jackson is a pretty easy baby, and I think that the combination of Jackson being a good baby and Craig being extremely extremely helpful and willing to do anything is the reason why I have been able to be so laid back being a new mom. I realize how blessed I am that I have a husband who wants to be such an active player in Jackson's life... even the small, not so glamorous stuff. He is such a blessing to me. I am so thankful that God allowed me to be his wife. And I know that Jackson is really really thankful that Craig is his daddy!

Craig did have to share his first Fathers Day though with Jackson, because Jackson turned FOUR months old today! He is getting so old!He is such a little man!
He is SO happy! I think that he REALLY REALLY loves music! He loves when people sing to him! He really loves when people sing his name! And you know that he loves music, if he will even smile when I sing to him! :) I think he is also super excited about going to the doctor this week to find out how much he has grown! And even get to start eating rice cereal. Yum. :)

We have been practicing sitting in our bumbo seat. He is getting really good at it! We are NO where close to sitting on our own, but at least he likes to practice. Notice his outfit, "eat your greens"... definitely a 6 month outfit, when he is supposed to be able to eat food... ha! Baby boy is so long that we are taking advantage of the cute outfit already. Still wearing 0-3 month pants/shorts... good thing we have a stock of clothes to go through right now. Shopping for this sweet little boy would be a bit difficult!

Another exciting thing that happened this week, is Jackson took his paci out of his mouth and PUT IT BACK IN! I know that is small.. but I was really proud of him!
Craig was at Super Summer last week, so Jackson and I went to visit him on Tuesday! We brought out the sunglasses (thanks Aunt Amy!) and lathered our pearly white skin with sunscreen (thanks Aunt Amy again... teaching me about the Smith boys skin!). Jackson got to meet alot of his daddy's friends! And he even got to be in the Super Summer video for the rally on Thursday! A student tried to get to him to smile.. unsuccessfully! When they showed the video on Thursday, all of the Super Summer students started chanting "We Love Jackson" I just about died. It was too cute... I did almost cry. :)

Love him!


erinkern said...

What a cute little man!!! :)

The McClures said...

Awww... he is too cute!!! The paci thing is not small, it is a huge event! That is the BEST!!!
Glad you all had a good first Father's Day!!!

Leslie said...

Sounds like Jackson is a little celebrity in the Oklahoma Baptist world! So cute!

Simply Shaye said...

Surfed in.. What a hansome young man! And a beautiful momma and daddy. Have a great week..

Emily & Eli said...

He is so cute. I love his chin!

mgoff said...

Love his guitar glad it fits!