Sunday, June 28, 2009

Birthday Week

* Reminder: I dont love taking pictures at this point in my life.. so no pictures were taken during my birthday week, so the pictures you will see, will be from other occassions. :)

On Monday, I turned 28. Wow, that is totally roundable to 30. I am getting old.

It was a great week! Everyone I love, made me feel so special! I appreciated all the calls and texts and facebook messages! I really wish that I lived closer to all my friends and family that live in different states! I miss you guys!

I couldnt help but think about my birthday last year! WOW! What a day!
Craig took me to Memphis for a great date day! We ate at Texas de Brazil (I think thats how you spell it). We walked around and shopped! It was really fun! I was feeling good, but alittle different. (Those of you who know me well, know I had noticed something different that morning! ha!) So, I started thinking that my body might be going through some "changes". I went upstairs at our house in Hot Springs (THAT IS STILL FOR SALE... UGH).. to take a bath. But I also took a pregnancy test! And found out that day that we were pregnant with Jackson! WOW! What an exciting, unforgettable day!

Thankfully... I have no news to report like that this year. :)
However, I did get a phone call from my precious friend, Melinda, who I met during my time at Pepsi! She is pregnant and due in February! I am SO excited for her and Scott! Congrats friends!

On Saturday, before my birthday, my mom and dad came and stayed the night with us in Newcastle. It was Fathers Day, the next day, and they were already planning on coming down to go to church with us and have lunch afterwards, so we just talked them into coming early. Easy to do.. more time for them to spend with Jackson.
We went to a restaurant in Newcastle, Brush Creek Steak House, that one of our friends owns. Craig and I had never been there before, and we knew that our schedule was so busy that this would be the only time for us to have my birthday dinner together. Dinner was great!

Monday, Craig had to work, so I got to spend the day snuggling with my sweet baby boy! Craig did surprise me with 2 dozen beautiful roses! And a cake for Bible Study! (My necklace that I picked out had not come in yet! Saddness, I cant wait to see it!) He is SO sweet! I love him. My little sleeping burrito! Oh man, I love him!
Seriously, how peaceful and perfect is he! Anyway, I got to snuggle with HIM all day! And then all of my youth girls came over for the Bible Study that we are doing! The girls brought me cards and gifts and we had a little celebration! It was alot of fun. We are so blessed to be in Newcastle. SO BLESSED!

Tuesday night, we went to Edmond. Mom and Dad opened their home! Dad grilled some great burgers and hot dogs. And Mom made my favorite summer salads (I am sure to be featured on Tasty Tuesdays soon!) and we got to celebrate with all my favorite people! Ward and his wonderful girlfriend, Reese were able to come!

And my favorite sister in law and my beautiful neices!!! We got to hear all about their recent trip to the UK! We did miss Kurt, who was in San Diego working. I guess we will forgive him! :)

On Thursday, Jackson and I had a lunch date with Mindy and Daisy, but we had to reschedule due to Jackson's doctors appointment! I cant wait to get together after Falls Creek Mindy! :) (I totally stole this picture from your blog, but I wanted an updated pic of the two of you.. hope thats ok!) :)

Thursday evening, my fabulous friend, Julie took me to Charlestons for dinner! It was so good to be able to catch up! And discuss plans for the future! :)Saturday, I was able to celebrate with my high school friends; Stacy, Carrie and Kelli! We missed you, Miranda and Marisa! We had a yummy lunch at Cafe Do Brazil, followed by yummy cuppies at Cuppies and Joe.

Seriously, I am so thankful for all of ya'll! It was a great week! I love you all!