Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesdays

I have said before, I LOVE reading other people's blogs. I have noticed that many people are much more creative than I am.. and have certain themes attached to days of the week. Creative. That is not me.

I dont want to over extend my blog promises...(not that my very few readers would be disappointed, but I dont want to start something and not finish it). So with the 52 Week Challenge... and learning how to be a mommy.. I definitely dont want to start something for every day. BUT.... it is no secret. I need to lose weight. Big Time! The whole idea of "the weight falls off you, while breast feeding" did not ring true for me. There was no weight falling off. So.... Weight Loss Wednesdays begin TODAY.

Obviously, as I was pregnant, I knew I was gaining weight. I still do not know how much I gained (and I still do not want to know). I would turn my head when I would get on the scale, and I asked my doctor to not tell me unless I was out of control. She never said anything. Well, if I couldnt look at the scale, I obviously knew it was too much.

I have never been the super small girl. And I am ok with that. I have never had an "image" problem. Until now. I am fat. And I do not like it. I got a few new clothes hoping it would make me feel better. It did... alittle. I got my hair cut and highlighted... that helped some. I want to tan... but the bottom line is.. all of this is just masking the fact that I have alot of weight to lose. I could use the excuse of "I just had a baby", but really, I used the "I'm pregnant" excuse too much, which is what got me into this situation...

I did Weight Watchers in college and was successful. I know the program. I know how to make it work. I just need to quit talking about it and do it. I went shopping today for an outfit to wear to my ten year high school reunion (sick). It was disgusting. D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G!

So here is the plan. I am going to do Weight Watchers from home. I am going to weigh every Wednesday. (This week, I am going to weigh on Thursday.. simply because I just made this decision today.. in fact 30 minutes ago.. I want to weight at approximately the same time every Wednesday. The best time for me is the morning... and since I missed it this morning, I will weigh tomorrow, but will reweigh Wednesdays). And then I will report back in the blog. A type of accountability of sorts. :)

I know its not going to be a quick journey. But, it is something that I have to do. Jackson needs a healthy mommy...


Pascha said...

ahh good job sister!
i am really proud of you!
love you and i am here if you need anything!

mckenziegordon said...

I know exactly how you feel, but I don't have the "baby weight" excuse. I'm actually worried about getting pregnant right now and having to loose even more after a baby. There's always an excuse so I'm really proud of you! Good luck!!!

Matt and Shara said...

You were GREAT at it in college, so I have no doubt you'll do great this time! High school reunions are SO wonderful after having just had a baby, are they not?! ;)