Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bumbo Seat

So we got out the bumbo seat, just to see how Jackson would do in it. Well, he LOVES it. Gets a huge smile everytime we act like we are going to put him in it. However, his head is still a bit heavy for the bumbo seat. But since it makes him so happy, I help him! :)
Friday night, Craig and I had the opportunity to host a table at the Reaching Souls Banquet at the Cowboy Hall of Fame. My precious friend, Pascha offered to watch Jackson. I always get nervous leaving Jackson with people other than family... just because you never know what kind of mood babies are going to be in. But, before we took him over to her house, he was VERY happy, so that gave me hope that he would be his precious wonderful self. So, we took a couple of pictures!!
This is my absolute favorite picture! Jackson sure does love his daddy!!! Doesnt Jackson look JUST like his daddy... the only way that we know he is my baby is that he came out of me! :)
I ADORE him. I love love love love love love love love love love being Jackson's mommy!


Julie said...

what great pictures! it won't be long before he can hold up his head. he is growing so fast!

Pascha said...

ahh both of those pictures are fabulous!
we had so much fun with sweet jackson and really cant wait to do it again!
ohh and my mom gave me a gift that she bought for jackson a couple of months ago..ha!
Lets get together this week!

The Cruzans said...

The bumbo chairs are AWESOME! Kade loves his, too!

Update me... email me on how things are going..when you get time! HA!

Anonymous said...

I came back to Edmond this weekend for two baby showers for my sister. She is due in about a month. One of her gifts was a bumbo chair. I had honestly never heard of a bumbo chair before today... I have a feeling there are a lot of baby things I am just going to be learning about.

Matt and Shara said...

Yes, bumbos are the best; Jude loves to sit in his next to the mirror and look at himself! And how CUTE is he sticking his tongue out?! Love it!!