Saturday, May 23, 2009


The past couple of weeks, Jackson has really started to enjoy his toys. He loves the bar that goes over his bouncy seat. He loves looking at the water fall and loves holding onto the parrots beak. He loves his play mat also! There is so much to look at!

So, since he was holding onto different things, including my hair, I thought I would get out some of his toys that we had in a toy basket until he got older. This rattle is really easy for him to hold. He LOVES it!
This picture makes me laugh. He has started wanting to turn over more.. but his arm always gets in the way. :) So this is how he ended up. Very much on his way to sleep. Notice only one of his eyes is open, his paci is sticking straight out and he is snuggling with his rattle.

One of my friends, Dara, warned me that if I wanted him to have something cute to always want to have, get him started on it early. Her son loves his blue burp cloth. Jackson also loves to hold on to his burp cloth, so I can see how easy it could be to get attached to it. Some of my favorite blankets of his are still alittle to big and heavy for him to carry around. But one of the kids in our church picked out this toy. It is the perfect size for Jackson. And he can grasp it really well. Again, something else he can snuggle with. :)My sweet little snuggle bug. Love him!


Dara Steward said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the first picture... hilarious! Thanks again for having us over tonight! We love hanging out with you guys and your house is perfect for fellowship! Let's get together again soon!

The McClures said...

oh my GOODNESS!!! He is the sweetest thing!! I love the last picture, her is great!