Monday, April 27, 2009

Jackson LOVES his Honey and Papa

This past week was a VERY busy week for my husband. He had a youth minister's conference on Monday night and then a men's retreat on Friday night. So Jackson and I went to my parents house both of those evenings. They love it! I love it! And Jackson loves it!

Jackson's Honey was having to show some houses, so he decided that he wanted to take a little rest so that he would be wide awake and happy when she got home. He loves the bouncy seat that they have at their house, so he fell asleep there! This is how I found him, sound asleep.
His arm was STRAIGHT up in the air. He kept it there for a while. It makes me wonder what in the world he was dreaming about!

But as soon as his Honey got home, he was wide awake and very happy!!!Jackson LOVES to snuggle! And snuggling with his Papa is no different!
You know, I had always heard that you would be able to differentiate your baby's cries. I wasnt really sure what I felt about that. But its definitely true. There is a definite difference between Jackson's "I am hungry" cry, Jackson's "I need attention" cry, Jackson's "I am hurting" cry, and his "You hurt my feelings" cry. Now, this last cry, isnt actually a "cry" in sound. It makes zero noise. You just see it all over his face.
He sticks his bottom lip out and tears stream from his eyes. But no sound. None. Heart breaking. Yes.

Jackson has been having some tummy troubles lately. That is when we discovered the "I am hurting" cry. The boy has a set of lungs on him. So, Sunday night, we decided to skip out on church, because I was not willing to risk him S-C-R-E-A-M-I-N-G and me not being able to console him quick enough for the entire church to hear... soooo.... we stayed home. We had a storm also, so it was a nice night just to relax together. I took some pictures, similar to Reese's. I say similar, because, they are definitely no way close to as good as hers... but you can get the idea of how much Jackson has changed from 2 weeks to 2 months.

Look at how long he is getting!

He loves to stretch! :)
I love my little man.
Raley does too! :)


reeseann said...

ohhhh pish-posh, they are wonderful!!! i miss him, i want to squeeze his sweet cheeks : )

erinkern said...

Love the pic of your dog and your little baby! This gives me hope that someday my little dog will be friendly to a small child.....!! ;)

kent said...

that crying face is so sad!!! but also kinda cute... :)

kayla said...

the above comment was from me, sorry!! :)

Marisa said...

He is so darn precious!! I love the picture of J with his arm straight up in the air. Maybe he's going be to a great outfielder :)

The Firestone's said...

Its not actually a lotion, its a balm stick- We got it at Target, its Johnson's soothing naturals soothe & protect balm- We love it!! Its also great for styling his hair :)

The McClures said...

Oh my goodness, I have never seen such a pout on such a tiny baby! That is absolutely hilarious... looks like he has inherited a bit of his mommas' dramatic nature!?!?

The Pink Potpourri said...

these are such great pictures! jackson is such a cutie. i LOOVE the pouting lip!

The Austins said...

So cute!!!