Monday, April 27, 2009

52 Week Challenge/ Week One

Oh man, this picture makes me laugh, just looking at it. Jackson is so expressive with his eyebrows and you can see it so well in this picture. HA!

This picture was taken right before we went to Jackson's two month appointment at the doctor. Mom got to go with me, because Craig had meetings at church that he just could not miss. I, could have gone by myself, but was really thankful that mom was able to go. I just didnt really know what to expect or how Jackson would react to the shots. But he did fantastic. He cried when she was giving him the shots but as soon as I was able to pick him up, he was fine again. Thanks to all my friends, who told me about giving him tylenol before hand. I really really really think that it helped!!

My sweet boy weighs 11 pounds (32 percentile), he is 23 1/4 inches long (66 percentile).

And thanks to Aunt Jamie for this super cute outfit! He LOVES it, plus he looks WAY SUPER cute! Jackson misses you while you are in South Africa, he loves your blogs and cant wait for you to come back!


Jamie said...

Love the outfit on Jackson... can't wait to see him when i'm home in June... thank goodness for pictures and blogs so we both can stay updated!! Love ya!