Friday, April 10, 2009


Well, Jackson is 7 weeks tomorrow. Seriously, I cant even believe it. When I think back to the day that I went into labor and gave birth, it seems just like yesterday. Time flies!

Jackson is SUCH a good baby! We took him to the doctor last week because he often times sounds congested and makes this breathing noise that sounds like it is hard for him to breathe. When I had first mentioned it to the doctor at his 2 week appointment, they thought it was just mucus in his lungs from delivery. Well, as Jackson continued to grow and eat more, the noises became more distinct. It started to freak me out a bit... I didnt want to let him sleep in his own crib on the other side of the house because I was afraid he would quit breathing. So we decided to take him to the doctor, just to make me feel better! Not only did we find out that he is fine... basically the flap over his esophogus (spell? ha) is supposed to be firm and his is floppy. So, in fact, it is not in his lungs and his breathing at all, its just the noise of the flap... it should correct itself, thankfully. But, we got to find out how much he weighed. We knew he had grown... but had no idea so much. He was at 9 lbs 15 ozs. Granted he did have on a diaper and a onesie and had not pooped yet that day... but that wouldnt add much. :) Little boy is a big eater. He was still wanting to eat every hour and a half to two hours during the day. The doctor told me to not feed him any more than every two hours. So we had a couple of break downs, but we are all better now!!!

Leslie flew in from Nashville! Jackson LOVED her. And she was quite the natural with the baby!!! She really helped me out alot, including our first Sunday to get ready for church! Come back soon Les!!

On Tuesday, we had our rescheduled Sip-N-See with my mom's friends from FBC Edmond. Jackson and I headed up to Edmond early, because things just take so much longer with him. He was hanging out in his bouncy seat, and it became awfully clear that we needed to retire this outfit...As you can see, not only are we showing our tummy, our pants are quite the high waters. See, this is our issue... our little boy is definitely growing. But he has almost no fat on him.. he is growing in length. So newborn shirts are getting a bit short on him. The 0-3 months fits him perfectly. BUT our problem is with pants... although the length of 0-3 months is great... the waist FALLS off... but his newborn fits, but is getting a bit tight... not really sure what to do at this point.... hmmmm.

Wednesday morning, my good friend, Pascha and her son Gabe came over for lunch and alittle play date. It was more of a time for Pascha and I to catch up. Jackson isn't much of a player... in fact, the night before, we tried to let him "cry it out" in his bed to fall asleep... which worked but EXHASUTED him. He slept almost all Wednesday.
But he did wake up when I was telling him that his new friend was coming to play. He smiles and grins alot... but this is the first one I caught on camera. Precious boy!

We had alittle tummy time and after we got upset with that, Jackson decided he wanted to lay on his side and relax with one hand behind his head and one leg in the air! I love this kid!


mgoff said...

LOVE this last picture! Good to know we are not contagious and can come around people again! Hope to see you guys soon.

The McClures said...

that is the cutest little grin ever!!