Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend!

Easter Weekend was super busy! And very wonderful! Not only was it Jackson's first Easter EVER, it was Craig and I's first Easter married! It was really a great time!!! On Friday, we were able to go to lunch with a couple of our friends who are moving to Ft. Smith this week. It was great to be able to spend some time with them before they leave! It was Jackson's first time to go to a restaurant, and he was such a good boy. He slept the whole time, even though we were sitting near the kitchen and evidently they liked to break things there.

Saturday, Craig and I were super busy, cleaning and cooking because my family was coming over for Easter Sunday. I love to entertain, and am so thankful that we have a house in Newcastle to entertain in. But that evening, we took a break, because our friends Chad and Amanda were in town from Miami. We went over to Amanda's moms for dinner and had a wonderful time spending time with the Parsons and the Isaacs. Jackson was a good boy! He always enjoys being passed around to new people! But when we left he was EXHAUSTED! This was him when we brought him in from the car. He was TOTALLY relaxed.
Normally when he starts to fall asleep, he will either spit his paci out with great force or throw it across the room. He was so tired, he just let it hang out. It was way cute.

Sunday, we went to church! And then everyone came back to our house for lunch. Jackson did really great in church again. But he was really tired when we got back. I tell you what, the bouncy seat is one of his very places to be! Jackson's Honey got him a really cute little Easter Bunny. Jackson really had no clue what to do with it. He is still not grasping items yet (on purpose)... but Raley sure knew what to do with it. I think we may have a slight problem in teaching Raley which toys are his and which are Jacksons... hmmmm

When I would babysit Daisy, I thought it was so amazing that she could be so upset and then as soon as you put her on the changing table, she would be so happy! Well, Jackson is the same way... especially in the morning. We have the greatest conversations there! I really think that will be where we hear him laugh the first time. He is just so happy!Craig was changing Jackson's diaper! Look at how cute he is!!!

He seriously loves this time!!! :) And we seriously love him!


The McClures said...

What a great Easter weekend!
Maddies' first laugh took place on the changing table, I remember it very well! So cute!!!

The Firestone's said...

Henry smiled for the first time on his changing table!! Its crazy, I guess thats what babies like :) Jackson is adorable! I think he looks just like your husband!

Matt and Shara said...

Jude's first laugh was on his changing table, too! He's SUCH a cutie pie, Danielle! Love those last two smiles!! :)

absonjourney said...

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