Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jackson Update in Pictures

Crazy how life is so busy with a newborn! But, we would not trade it for anything! He is just so special. I went for my six week appointment at the doctor. It was definitely a weird feeling not being there pregnant. And it was also weird to think that I will not see them again for such a long time! We are having a busy week this week! My Aunt Judy flew in on Sunday, so Jackson got to meet her! My good friend, Jamie, came in from Phoenix before she leaves for South Africa, so I was SOOO happy that Jackson got to meet her before she left! Jackson got to come to work with Craig this afternoon! My good friend from college, Leslie, flies in Saturday morning to meet Jackson! YAY! And Craig starts preaching the month of April on Sunday. So Jackson and I will reappear at church! So much fun!!!!

Here is what Jackson has been experiencing lately!The weathermen in Oklahoma were predicting a blizzard. Please. But they were successful in scaring everyone. Everyone went to the grocery store, got gas and changed plans. Even Jackson wore his hoodie over to Honey and Pappas house. Oklahoma City got barely a dusting of snow. Silly weathermen.

OU's mens basketball team played in the Sweet Sixteen. We were supposed to have a shower for Jackson on Saturday morning, so we decided to stay the night over at my parents house, because the process of getting ready in the morning is quite lengthy. We had a few friends over for the game! And Jackson had the opportunity to use his new paci from his Aunt Amanda! He loved it! Thanks Amanda!Jackson is still not quite sure about bath time. He likes it part of the time and then gets cold, I think. And then he hates it. I made sure to keep this picture appropriate, in the case, that we want to use it in his senior slide show one day. Can you tell, I am married to a youth minister? :)

Mornings are our most awake time. After one of our morning feedings (around 8ish), is when Jackson and I have our biggest conversations of the day. He just lays on the changing table and "talks". It is absolutely precious. I think he is telling me all about his dreams the night before. He is also so expressive during this time. I LOVE IT!At our church shower, we received this sea horse. Its belly lights up and it plays this classical music with the sound of water in the background. It sounds kinda wierd, but it is pretty soothing. This was Craigs FAVORITE toy that we received. In fact, any time we would have visitors over, he would show them this toy. WELL, Jackson also ADORES it. Whether he is laying on his back or his tummy, during tummy time, and he is relaxing, we can put the sea horse next to him, and he just gets in a trance. He will stare at it and just rest. Sometimes he even reaches out his arm and rests his hand on it. I have no idea if he does that on purpose or not. But regardless, its pretty cute! :) Like father like son!


The McClures said...

Cute post! I absolutely LOVE that first picture in his hoodie, he is so adorable!!!

Julie said...

he's getting so big! i need to see you guys soon!

Dara Steward said...

;o) My favorite pic is of you in your OU hoodie! You are just glowing! Motherhood really suits you! I'm proud of what a good mommy you are. I know you just love Jackson to pieces. It's not easy, but worth every second. I'm so happy for you and Craig with your first addition to you family!

piper. said...

congrats on your sweet baby boy, danielle. he's a cutey. all the best to you guys.