Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Today our little boy was C-R-A-N-K-Y. Oh my goodness. My diagnosis of the problem (remember, I have only been a mom for a month, so who knows how accurate it is).... is that he is growing. He was great during the morning. Happy... talking.. smiling (I hear its still gas related... but Craig and I like to think otherwise). And then around lunch time, I had a different baby. If he was not eating or sleeping he was SCREAMING. I mean, get super red in the face and almost loose his voice SCREAMING. Several times, I just found myself crying with him, letting him know I just didnt know what he wanted. I tried to find other ways to console him, because in the little reading that I have chosen to do, it suggests not just resorting to giving them food when they are fussy, because you dont want your child growing up thinking, when you get sad/upset.. turn to food. Well, nothing, NOTHING I was doing was making the child happy. But when I gave him his bottle, the world was good. And he would eat it ALL. So, I really think he was hungry. And then he would fall asleep... and I could quit crying and get alittle housework done. And Raley could take his head out from under the blanket. Rough day in the Smith household. Praying hard that tomorrow is better. Wednesdays are already a longer day because Craig cant come home until after Wednesday night church... so I wont get a break for a while. Praying.

But, of course I can not leave the blog without posting a pic of my precious boy! (He is even precious when he is crying... )

Jackson LOVES his Uncle Ward! And I believe Ward is pretty fond of his first nephew too!!!


Pascha said...

ohh im sorry! it probably is just growing pains OR gas...who knows when they are that little :)

and my little bitty piece of advice-LET THE BOY EAT!!!
and dont go by what books say do what feels right for you!

HA i promise at this point he is too young to think everytime he cries you are going to feed him...plus if he is going through a growth spurt then he really may be hungry:)
hang in there girl! and if you ever need to talk or a friend call me:)

The McClures said...

that is the CUTEST picture!!! And I agree with the first comment, I think that the theory you mentioned does not apply quite yet. Although I know he is genious, I don't think he will piece all that together for quite a while!!

Matt and Shara said...

I agree with Pascha and Stacy - feed the boy! :) Jude was the same way, and they do actually have major growth spurts around three weeks and six weeks (give or take a week). I actually had to supplement quite a bit with formula those weeks to keep Jude full and happy. My pedi said it was completely normal. Aaahh, joys of being a first time mom! :)

And I love how content he looks in Ward's arms - precious!

Kinsey said...

Oh my gosh he is SO cute!

reeseann said...

ward really is in love with him : ) i cant wait until they can play together, i bet they will be best friends.

The Cruzans said...

We still put gas medicine in almost every one of Kade's bottles. I hope tomorrow is better! Can't believe how big he's getting!! You're doing great!!