Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hot Springs Update

Craig and I had to relist our house (which has not sold... obviously), with a new realtor. Ours quit because the market is so bad in Hot Springs, she was not making any money. Awesome.

We called one of our friends who owns a title company and asked for some names of people who are actually still closing on houses. We talked to a lady and feel pretty confident with her.

The most fabulous news of all (sarcasm) is that we were told that our house is now worth LESS than what we purchased it for alittle over a year ago. Not because of anything we did... considering all the upgrades we actually did to the house... but because of how soft the market is.

Encouraging, I know. It could make me sick to my stomach if I really let myself think about it. My husband is so encouraging during these stressful times. He really does help keep me level headed about everything. But still... its worth LESS! Ugh.

Basically, we just really want to get out from under this house. So whatever it takes......

I told Craig, that this is the way that we are going to experience the bad economy, I guess. We are just thankful that he has a job! :)

Oh, and our little boy is as precious as ever! I will update with stories and pictures soon!


The McClures said...

oh man,that is so frustrating!! I am glad you have Craig (and Jackson!) to keep you as unstressed as possible!!!