Tuesday, March 10, 2009

First Two Weeks- First Lesson Learned

Do whatever works for YOU!

I am in love. Totally in love again. Fell in love with my husband. And have fallen in love all over again with my little boy. I LOVE being a mom. LOVE it.

From my birthing story, I can reiterate, that I realize that I had a pretty easy labor/delivery/ baby etc. And the first two weeks have been pretty much more of the same.

The first night from the hospital was really tough. And this is where Lesson One first was implemented. I really had my heart set on breast feeding. For many reasons...... but I also knew that sometimes it just doesnt work. Your milk might not come in, you might not make enough, your baby might just not take well to breast feeding etc. So, I really wanted to try, but was ready to not do it for any of those reasons and not be too disappointed.

Well, in the hospital, I tried my hardest. And Jackson tried his hardest, but he was just not getting much. (Which is to be expected at first). However, there are a few things that make nursing with me alittle more difficult... which I wont go into on this blog post. :) Sunday night when we were trying to go to sleep, he was SCREAMING. I mean, SCREAMING. And really, Jackson cries relatively small amounts. He was starving. And I knew it. So, we gave him formula in a bottle and I pumped. And we kept giving him formula and I kept pumping. And it worked for us. Our baby was not hungry and he was happy. That is what worked for us!

My milk finally came in. And Jackson nursed ok. Those same things make nursing REALLY hard for us. So, I kept pumping and we kept giving him bottles. Now instead of formula, we are able to use our milk. This is what works for us! He is happy! And growing! He grew almost a whole pound in a week after my milk came in!

Now this is not to say, that this is the best way to nurse. But it has definitely been the best way for us. Jackson gets fed. We know how much he is actually eating. His daddy can help me. It doesnt take as long. And we all get more sleep. And he is still get the nutrional benefits of nursing. It works for us.

Everything you read, and everything your doctor says tells you NOT to let the baby sleep with you. Keep them in a cradle, bassinet, pack in play, crib. Do not let them sleep with you. Well, our little baby is quite the cuddler. So much so that he would only sleep if someone was holding him. It didnt matter if he was laying down, or sitting up, as long as he was really close to his daddy or I. Well at 2 am in the morning, when he is screaming, he is going to be close to his daddy or I. I did feel horrible about it. And we do make sure to keep all blankets, sheets, loose clothing away from his face. I spoke with several other moms, who helped make me feel a bit more normal about what was going on! So Jackson would sleep with us. And again, this worked for us! He was happy and he would sleep, very soundly.... until his next feeding of course!

By the way, he now will sleep all by himself in his bassinet. Such a big boy!

My emotions, which I think we were all ready to see what would happen... are hanging in there pretty good. I had one major breakdown the first Saturday that we were home. That evening, we had some family come to visit, that do not have a "calm" button. It was definitely the most action that we had been a part of since the birth and I did not handle it very well at all. It completely stressed me out, and all I could do after they left was cry and pout. And cuddle with Jackson!

But, my hormones are a totally different story. Friday was a big day for me. I got to go to Walmart all by myself. I never knew I would be so excited to leave the house and go to Walmart. But I was. I got us groceries and a few baby items that we needed. Afterwards, Craig and I loaded up Jackson and Raley and the millions of bags that we needed to bring over to my parents just for the few hours that they were going to keep Jackson. And then Craig and I went to dinner at the new Lottinvilles in Edmond. Very yummy. It was a great time for just us. We went back and hung out at my parents for a while and then took Jackson to Cuppies and Joe (very good!) so that Craig could see one of his NewChurch friends perform. It was very crowded and pretty loud, so we were not able to stay long. But when we got home, I decided to take a bath to relax. When I was done, I was FREEZING. So cold, I could not stop shaking. So I went to bed. I shook for an hour, but as soon as that hour was over, I was BURNING up. I mean, I felt like my insides were going to burn through my skin. I could not get cool. And that feeling has not really stopped. It is much worse at night. I just sweat all night long. Literally my body gets wet from the sweat. Sick, I know. But true. So Craig and Jackson can not even sleep in the same room as me, because of how cold I have to keep the room. Wierd. I have also had a few of what feels like the back contractions right before I got my epidural. I am sure thats not what it is, but I tell you what, it takes your breath away.

But, you know what... all of this is WAY worth it. My little boy is just too precious and I fall more and more in love with him everyday! My brothers, super great girlfriend, Reese took his two week pictures! Here are a few to enjoy!
Look at those fingers! They are so long! When people see them, the either say, "wow.. he is going to be a great basketball player" or "he is going to be quite the piano player" You can definitely tell what people enjoy more, by their comments about his fingers. :) I am particular to the ones that ask if Jeff Capel has seen my little boy's fingers.... thats right.... senior night.. here we come! :)


The Firestone's said...

Whatever works for you and your little guy is best-i haven't read Any books, I just do what I think he needs...and I am pretty sure he has been sleeping in bed with us for over a month now. It's the only way he will sleep at night, and I was just so tired I did whatever worked ( the thing is, I really enjoy it too :)

Anonymous said...

It was great to meat your husband at Homecoming and awesome to read of your little one coming into this world. Congratulations.

Justin Dunn

The Cruzans said...

Danielle... I am so sorry that I didn't think to tell you thar Kade neded a few days of sleeping with someone to get adjusted to this big world! You are doing such a great job!!! What a wondreful momma that beautiful boy has!! And daddy!

reeseann said...

eeeee, he is so precious! i love you too and i am very grateful for you : )

Stephanie said...

I'm glad things are going well! Jackson is precious!

The Austins said...

He is so cute! Your pictures are wonderful. In terms of the hot and cold thing, I am right there with you! It gets better, but even 2 months later I still have it at times. You are doing a great job! Can't wait to see him.