Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jackson Will Be Here Soon

I am still a horrible blogger, in the fact that I have pictures to upload and I have not done that. I will and I will share. Soon, I promise.

I finally started feeling better and have gotten even more accomplished around the house! It is definitely coming along! And we LOVE it! I will put pictures up soon of the house!

I have been having lots and lots more contractions, and they definitely feel WAY different. But they are still not consecutive. Although one night, I had so many, that I definitely timed them. But I got so tired, I decided to fall asleep and if it was real labor, sleep would not be an option. :) I slept.. no labor. But I could not wait to get to the doctor. I was so aware that chances were, that I would not have made any changes since the week before. I know that happens so often to people, so I prepared myself for that so I was not disappointed. But I also knew that I was feeling different and noticing different things happening in my body. I just was wondering if it was all in my head.

I got to the doctor this week and the "procedure" was alot better this week. I dont know, if it was because I had more of an idea of what she was going to do, or if she was a bit more gentle.. all I know, is I didnt scoot quite so far up the table to get away from her this time. :) Well, little Mr. Jackson made some changes. I was a "stretchy one", almost a two, but not quite and 75% effaced! YAY! So not huge changes, but some.

I was a bit concerned that he could come this week, since his room is not finished and Craig has a speaking engagement all weekend in Tulsa. And my brother in law and sister in law are going to be in Colorado until Tuesday. And come to find out my DOCTOR is going to be out of town until Tuesday also.... soooo the convenience factor of having my little boy this week is not very high. Dr. Wilks really didnt think that he would come this week, but thought with the way that I was progressing and with the level of my contractions that he would come on his own in the next two weeks. BUT, if he doesnt choose to make his grand entrance on his own, we have an induction date set for Feb. 26th!

My preference would be that he would come on his own... maybe like Wednesday of next week when I go into the doctor, she could just tell me..."oh... you are going into labor, you should just go straight to the hospital". I would like that. OR, one evening where Craig and I are home and watching TV, with no plans. Those would be my preferences. So I have been talking to Jackson about it... we will see! :)

And now, I am SICK again! I am not even kidding. This time its a cold. I guess my body wants to contract every winter sickness BEFORE Jackson gets here.. which is fine. But I can honestly tell you, I am SICK of being SICK.

Valentines Day is Saturday. Like I said, Craig is going to be in Tulsa, and I am not allowed to leave OKC, so I will be spending Valentines Day with some of our youth girls at their "Anti Valentines Day" party. Should be fun! :)

We are celebrating Valentines Day tonight! I am excited!!!

I will update pictures soon... promise!


The Cruzans said...

Cool that things are starting to happen on their own!! YEA for that!! Keep us updated.

Also... I know of SEVERAL people who have gotten a cold a week or so before they deliver. Just something the body does.

The Pink Potpourri said...

hopefully Jackson will cooperate on waiting another week before his arrival :) enjoy your valentines with your hubby, and your girls!

Stephanie said...

How exciting! I hope the next couple weeks go well for you. I can't wait to hear of Jackson's arrival... and to see pics!