Sunday, January 25, 2009

An Update

I have been a horrible blogger lately. I am sorry. And this one will not have any pictures. So I am sure not as interesting, but remember, I do not LOVE pictures at this point in my life. AT ALL.

Life is changing again. Craig and I are getting REALLY good at changes. And once Jackson gets here, we are looking forward to no more changes for a while. First of all, church. Our pastor resigned. We are VERY excited for him. Although, Craig thoroughly enjoyed working with/for Brent, we both know that he is moving on to EXACTLY where God has called him. And how can you not be excited for that! Craig and I both felt like when God called us to FBC Newcastle, that it was a going to be a huge learning experience for Craig. Obviously, we thought that would be under the direction of Brent. But clearly, God had a different plan. It will be Craig's first time in his 13 years of ministry to work without a pastor, and in an interim time.

When we first found out about Brent, I had to give myself more of a pep talk, than give Craig one... I had to come to the point where I realized that without the leadership of a pastor, Craig would need to be available at the church. With us living in Edmond, I just knew that was going to be even less time that I was going to get to spend with him. (Which I have covered in a previous blog, I have become more needy, as far as my time with my husband goes).

And with that, God opens yet another door, in which I can not even put into words, just how blessed we feel.... but we are buying a house in Newcastle. A beautiful, perfect home. A home that we get to bring our baby boy home to. A home that I get to "nest" in. YAY! I just got home a few hours ago from several days in Hot Springs packing the house. Craig and I were both very nervous that my doctor would not allow me to go, considering my due date is getting closer and closer. But thankfully she did let me go (she said if it had been one week later, she would not let me go... talk about perfect timing!). I dont really think I have ever been this exhausted in my entire life. I thought my first trimester I was tired... and I was... but, I mean, I am TIRED. On the drive home today, Jackson was just so happy to have me back. The past few days, it wasnt like I forgot about him (obviously)... but we didnt have "our time". Well, we had 6 hours of "our time" today in the car. He played and played and played in my tummy. He danced to music, sucked him thumb alot (thats my diagnosis...we shall see), and I talked to him alot (and I am sure he responded). It was a precious time. Although, I am counting down the days until I meet him, I think I might miss having him in my belly. ANYWAY, the house is all packed. And tonight, my husband and a few of his friends will be driving back to Hot Springs to load the truck tomorrow morning and move all of our stuff to our new house.

Speaking of my doctor... I had a doctors appointment on Wednesday. I love my doctor. She is wonderful. It was an easy appointment, pee in a cup (which I was not the most successful at this time around), blood pressure, and measurement of my tummy. Everything is fine. We go back on the 2nd of February. We will get to see little Mr. Jackson again, to check on his weight. And it will be my first appointment where she will check me for dialation, etc. With the changes in our pastor, Craig is going to be the supply pastor for at least February. Obviously, we do not just want to induce our baby, just to insure that he wont put me into labor late Saturday or early Sunday morning... but we just want to discuss things with my doctor.

OH! How could I almost forget... Craig and I had our FBC Newcastle baby shower. Oh my goodness. Overwhelming. And so blessed. Our little Jackson sure is a loved baby boy. My friends are having a shower for Jackson on Saturday. I am very excited to see everyone! Life has gotten so busy, and I sure miss seeing all my friends faces!

Ok, I think thats the latest on Craig and I! And Jackson of course!


Kayla said...

hey! thanks for leaving my first comment! :) i'm glad you guys have a new home in newcastle! God's timing really is perfect isn't it?

The McClures said...

Wow... thank goodness for your new, laid back personality!! I will keep you all in my prayers during this very changing time!

Matt and Shara said...

Yes, you will miss having him in your tummy, but that time will be replaced by an even sweeter mommy/son time once he's in your arms! :)