Monday, January 26, 2009

My Poor Husband

I have always been an emotional person. Before pregnancy, I would cry. Not often, but it wasnt like I never cried.

WELL... now, it is ridiculous. I cry ALOT. And I cry at things that really shouldnt make me cry. And most definitely it shouldnt make me cry at the intensity that I cry at.

Almost every Sunday, it seems, I have a ridiculous story to share with my 7th grade girls. Keep in mind, they did not know me, in my "normal" days. They have got to think I am crazy.

Poor Craig. He did know me in my "normal" days. He fell in love with me during my "normal" days. He has got to be thinking, "what in the world is happening to my wife?"

Well, Sunday afternoon/evening... my pregnancy hormones took over again. I will explain. I had been in Hot Springs for several days packing. We have ALOT of stuff. I am not complaining, I am so thankful for what we have.. but I really wanted to make sure that I packed it well, so that we would still have all of our wonderful wedding gifts in tact when we opened the boxes in Newcastle. I think I ran on adrenaline while I was in Hot Springs, I knew I was tired, but I was able to keep going. As soon as I got back to Edmond, I crashed. I was so excited to see my husband, but as soon as I saw him, I got in my "task mindset". He was leaving with some of his friends after church to load the truck. I wasnt going, so I wanted to make sure that we were on the same page. I know that was not the welcome home he was looking for.

Part of the reason why he needed to come to Edmond was to pick up his new power tools that he got from his brother for Christmas. He needed them to help him with the different drapery rods, etc in Hot Springs. Well, we were both pre-occupied when he was leaving and we both forgot. I mean, I didnt even think about it. But a little while later, after he had already made it back to Newcastle, I realized that he had left the power drill.

FREAK OUT! Ok, most people would see many options here. He could come back after church and pick it up... he could borrow power tools from people in Hot Springs... he could use a good ole regular screwdriver. But, in my mind, at that moment, there was NO solution. I lost all ability to problem solve. This resulted in alot of crying.

I know when Craig and I spoke, he again, had to think that I lost my mind. When my dad walked back in the room and saw me on the couch bawling... he walked straight back to my mom and told her that my hormones were going crazy. He was right. Mom talked to me about it... really... she just laughed at me and pointed out to me just how ridiculous I was. I was crying over power tools.

I wish I could say that I could control those ridiculous acts of emotions.. but I really cant. If things dont get better after Jackson is born, I am going to have to talk to my doctor... seriously...


Leslie said...

Because of honest posts like this I will someday know that I am normal when it happens to me! Thanks for the vulnerability! ('Cause really, crying over power tools IS pretty funny).

Craig said...

I don't remember laughing.

Matt and Shara said...

It gets better, promise! :)