Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Weekend

We are one step closer to being ready for Jackson. One step closer.. still many steps to go! :)

Some of our new friends in Newcastle let us borrow the bassinet that their grandson used. What a blessing! Not knowing how long Jackson will sleep in our room with us and not in his crib, we really did not want to spend the money to get a bassinet. So, it is a huge blessing that we have the opportunity to borrow this adorable bassinet. Little Jackson is going to look so cute sleeping!
Thursday, Dad and I went to pick up Jackson's crib! YAY! And Friday, Craig and Dad put it together! I LOVE it. It is so classic and simple. It is going to be perfect for our little boy.
Friday night, Craig and I had a date night. It was nice! Living further away from Newcastle than we would really like, it makes our evenings more difficult. We just dont get to spend as much time together as I would really like. But, like he reminds me, I know its only for a "season". One of my favorite things to do in Oklahoma around Christmas is to go to the lights in Chickasha. My friends and I would always go after finals at OBU. We would always eat at Jakes and then walk around the lights. I always loved it. But I havent really been back since college. And Craig had never been. So we decided to go. We didnt continue the tradition of going to Jakes though. When Jackson starts getting hungry and "pulling on the umbilical cord", as we say... it is time to eat. And you wait and wait and wait at Jakes. So we had yummy Mexican food instead. Delicious. They had added several different lights since the last time I had been. It was really pretty. And really cold.
Craig took a picture with Mary and Joseph and the donkey. It represents where he spends the majority of his time. At church! :)

I took a picture with this lit up sign, it represents where I spend the majority of my time. Jackson loves to not only dance on my bladder, but ride REALLY low. :)

On Saturday night, Craig and I hosted the Youth Workers Christmas Party. We were supposed to wear our most "outrageous" Christmas outfit. A really good idea, but it did lead to one of my pregnancy breakdowns. While trying to figure out what to wear, I decided that selfishly I am VERY ready to have Jackson come out and meet the world. I mean, I know he needs to cook some more, and I want him to, but I will really be ready to make my body my own again. My poor husband... this was a serious breakdown.

Anyway, as my husband was showing us his outfit for the party, we decided that he and Raley needed to have a little photo session.I am not really sure why in the world this picture turned out smaller.. but anyway, you get the picture!

Due to the breakdown, the pregnancy "outrageous" Christmas outfit, included a black shirt, red necklace, green earrings and red bow. :) But I got a kiss from Santa!


The McClures said...

I love all Jackson's places to sleep!!! LOVE the crib, it is beautiful! It will be so fun to get the bedding and stuff on there... exciting!
Your pics at the lights cracked me up, hilarious!

Pascha said...

AH Danielle you look great, and once you arent pregnant anymore you will miss having him in there all to yourself; so enjoy it while you can!

Hope that you guys have a Merry Christmas!

Amanda Isaacs said...

I love the crib!

Leslie said...

Loved those Chickasha trips back in the day! I hope you didn't spin around real fast underneath the big huge Christmas tree thing like we used to!

Julie said...

yay for things coming together! i can't wait to see the bedding in it. i looked at baby boy clothes today. there were some really cute ones at kohls. it was too much fun, but i'm having trouble thinking about sizes and seasons. he'll be here before you know it!

The Pink Potpourri said...

you look so cute! don't worry, jackson will be here before you know it! sounds like you guys had a great date. I'd love to go back to OKC and look at the christmas lights at the myriad gardens...that's where zack and i had our first date :)

Dara Steward said...

The crib is great, and the bassinet is really sweet. You will enjoy them both! I was thankful for the bassinet because it could go anywhere I was.