Friday, December 5, 2008

Todays Economy

We all watch TV or read the internet and know that todays economy is "bad". Really "bad".

I am reminded everyday when my house doesnt sell and that we do not get an offer on it, that the economy stinks. Businesses are slowing down, even in Hot Springs, and people are not moving in. With all the banks not giving out loans, and first time home buyers having a more difficult time getting started with a home, people who could have afforded our home, are now having to save more. I try not to get frustrated. I know that I am blessed beyond measure that Craig and I have a place to live. We have a roof over our heads where we are not out any more money than the mortgage that we are paying for a home that we are not living in. But I also know that we are limited in our ability to fully start our ministry in Newcastle, living 40 minutes away. Stupid economy.

My family was personally affected by the "bad" economy the week before Thanksgiving when my dad lost his job. The awesome company he worked for, had him drive down to Dallas to fire him. It wasnt just him, it was lots of people. Just another example of how this "bad" economy affects everyone. We hear about the unemployment rate reaching record highs, but it doesnt really register, until it affects you and your loved ones. Stupid economy.

But then I am reminded that it isnt the President of the United States and it isnt Congress passing some really large bail out plans that are in control. Our God is. And I am so thankful. Even though, He is still wanting to teach Craig and I patience and complete dependence on Him for the sale of our house, He opened a door for my dad within a WEEK of losing his job. A perfect opportunity for him. An opportunity that he did not seek out, that literally fell in his lap. That is UNHEARD of for todays "bad" economy. Clearly a God thing! This job opportunity is leaps and bounds better than his last awesome company that so classically fired him. But, because of the loyalty that my dad has towards his employers, it is quite possibly one that he would have passed up if he was still employed. God knew EXACTLY what he was doing. He opened the perfect door.... even in this "bad" economy.


erinkern said...

Good points to consider...God is in control no matter what our economy looks like. Hard to remember all the time, but it is good to try! :) Thanks for the compliments on the house! :)

Pascha said...

yeah! im so excited for your dad!

your mom was telling me the other day, when she was at my house, ab your dad loosing his job, im so sorry! but praise the Lord HE is faithful!

what new job did he get?