Monday, December 1, 2008

Doctors Appointment

As I am sitting here, writing this blog, Jackson is doing his rolling action in my belly that makes it move like crazy. Good thing its just me in the living room, because if anyone else walked in here.. he would stop. He is just so shy.

Well, I am 27 weeks this week. Next week is the start of my third and final trimester. Today was my glucose test at the doctor. I was encouraged by many friends that I could handle it. The sugary orange drink was fine. I mean, it wasnt good, but it was definitely tolerable. And the actual giving of my blood was fine too. I had a real heart to heart with the girl who took my blood and she did a great job. She was also very patient with me and let me sit in her chair and drink my water for a while before rushing up. I also got to see my doctor. I love her. Jackson sounded good and strong. His heart was beating 148 beats per minute. It is amazing how much stronger and louder his heart beat is now, in comparison to the first time we heard it. Baby boy is growing. Dr. Wilks measured my uterus, it was right where it was supposed to be. And then we talked some. I have some "plans" for after Jackson is born when I am breast feeding that I wanted to make sure she was ok with. We had good conversation. We talked about how amazing pregnancy is! I am so lucky to have a doctor that I trust so much. I also brought up the topic of my weight gain. All along, I have had no desire to know how much I have gained. I still have zero desire to know how much. In fact, today, they put me on a digital scale and I turned my head. I just dont want to know. But neither my doctor or my nurse have even said a word about my weight gain, so I thought maybe I should bring it up. I told her that I didnt want to know how much I had gained, but I was curious if I was gaining too much. She told me I was right on track. Yay! That was good news. Obviously, I am anxious to get the weight off (plus some) once Jackson gets here.. but it was nice to know that I have not gained too much. We also had a talk about Braxton Hicks contractions. Some different things happen to my stomach at different parts of the day, it all feels normal (normal as in very different but not bad). Anyway, she cleared up some of my confusion. It was pretty much what I thought... sometimes it is Braxton Hicks, sometimes it is just the baby. :) So many new things during pregnancy.

YAY! YAY! Congrats Matt and Shara! I can not wait to meet little Jude! I wish I was closer to Houston so I could come see you!

YAY! YAY! Stacy and Maddie are in town for Thanksgiving with Scotts family. It was great to spend time with them, Dara and precious Evan and of course Mindy and lovely Daisy! It was a great morning!


Mrs Tribuzi said...

can't believe you are already at your 3rd trimester... good for you!! Glad to hear everything is going well!

erinkern said...

Wow, it seems like your pregnancy is just flying by! What an exciting time! :)

Pascha said...

Gabriel was shy too! Any time someone would put their hand on my belly he would completely stop moving, i would get so frustrated:)

And I would always talk to my friend who had two babies and tell her that i was so afraid of not knowing if i was going into labor, for fear that i would mistake braxton hicks for the real thing. She would always tell me that when the real thing came there would be no mistaking...and boy was she right!!
You will have no question when those "real" contractions start up!
Lets do lunch or something sometime soon, I would love to see you and catch up!

Matt and Shara said...

And we can't wait for little Jude to meet you!!

So glad your pregnancy is going so well. He'll be here before you know it!!