Saturday, December 20, 2008

29 Weeks

Craig and I thought about going to Hot Springs this weekend. It is really the last free weekend until Jackson gets here. Well, not the last free weekend for me, but the last free weekend for him. Since he is back in Oklahoma, he is back on the "Disciple Now" circuit, so it will be a busy couple of months for him. I am not complaining... I am glad that he has the opportunity to do more of this stuff.

Anyway, we have had the BEST day. I just love Saturdays. Normally, I get him all to myself. And I love it. Before I got married, I LOVED my alone time. It was so precious. Now, I always want to be with him. And that doesnt always happen. So, when I do get to have that time, I LOVE it.

We are going to dinner with his middle brother and his family tonight. They are in town from Enid.

I dont love taking pictures these days. Its just not my favorite. Anyway, I felt like regardless of how I feel about it, I need to take pictures to document this pregnancy. I want to remember it. It is just so great. Even though, I definitely do NOT feel cute at ALL, it is all worth it. I love this little boy.


Julie said...

i think it's pretty darn cute! :)

The McClures said...

Oh me too, that is a very cute pregnant lady!!!

mgoff said...

Love the shirt! You are looking very PG these days!

Amanda Isaacs said...

You shouldn't feel that way Dan, you're beautiful! I love the pic!

The Pink Potpourri said...

you look great!!! very beautiful and a special "mommy glow" in your smile!

i love your shirt!