Monday, November 3, 2008

OU Game!

Saturday, OU played Nebraska. My brother's wonderful girlfriend had a couple of extra tickets, and she offered them to Craig and I. We were really excited! We rode with Ward and Reese to the stadium. She had a parking pass to park in the parking garage connected to the stadium. This was such a treat. Parking is always the most stressful part of going to the games. Not really being familiar with Norman, and not going to the games that often, we really dont know where to park. Anyway, it was REALLY nice! Reese's dad had not put her name on the parking pass, which was not a big deal, but it meant that we had to go to the "dog station". What this meant was, we had to drive to this little station with all these armed guards and dog sniffers. Basically the dogs circled our car to make sure we had no bombs. We had no bombs, so we were safe to park.

I LOVE going to the games! It is such a wonderful atmosphere! Jackson LOVED the game! I think since he got practice at the game earlier in the year, he knew EXACTLY where he was. He was EXTREMELY active the entire game, in fact, he danced on my bladder the whole game! I did ask him to please start kicking me a bit higher! :) I cant wait till Jackson is here so he can really not only hear the game, but he can watch it too!!!! Here are a few pictures that we took!This was a GREAT Saturday of football! We beat Nebraska! And Texas Tech beat Texas!! YAY!