Monday, November 3, 2008

23 Weeks

No picture this week. I need to work on that huh?

Well, I had another doctors appointment today. Baby Jackson is doing well! His heartbeat was back around 153 beats per minute (it had been around 139).. which is totally normal. Dr. Wilks measured my tummy, and she said everything seemed perfect. Finally... a report I was WANTING to hear. The last thing she asked was "So have you had a flu shot?" To which, I had to reply honestly "no".

Ok, side note. I HATE shots. Hate them. My senior year in high school, when I had to get all my pre-college shots, my mom would have to go with me everytime, because regardless of what shot, I would pass out. And get really sick, and I would be done for the day. I am not exagerrating. It is really bad.

As, you know, when you get pregnant, they do blood work. Well, I had myself ready for this appointment, even though they had to send me to the "no stress room". There was no passing out, etc. I contribute that to the fact, that I knew it was going to happen.

WELL, when Dr. Wilks asked about the flu shot, and I said no, she was not suggested that I go get one before my next appointment, she sent the nurse in IMMEDIATELY to give me one. No time to prepare, my friends. It was already kind of warm in the room. So, I just laid down and explained to my wonderful nurse, Tammy, that I was not the biggest fan of shots. She did a great job talking to me the whole time. I laid there for a while and thought I was fine. So I got up and went to the bathroom again. And started the walk down the hallway to pay my monthly "having a baby charge". I started getting alittle weak in my legs, so I just thought I was thirsty and hot, so I stopped in another bathroom and filled my hands with some lukewarm water from the faucet. Needless to say, that didnt help much. So, by the time I got the receptionist, I thought I might be in trouble. So I asked if they had any water, I explained I just got a shot and I was feeling kind of wierd. They QUICKLY sat me down in the receptionists chair (embarrassing!) and they went and got me water. I felt so silly. It wasnt like I gave major blood (many people asked), I just got a flu shot. But I wasnt prepared. I sat there for about 10 more minutes and got up to pay. I made it outside to the Oklahoma wind, and felt alot better. I think it was a combo of freaking out and that the office was pretty warm. Anyway, pretty traumatic! :)

Next appointment, I have to do the Glucose test, awesome. At least now, they know to take my fear seriously! Ha!!


Julie said...

oh my goodness! i'm glad you didn't pass out though.

elizabeth scholes said...

The glucose test is no big deal. It's just drinking this really syrupy sweet drink.

Matt and Shara said...

Oh Dan, that's awful! I'm really glad you made it to the chair, though! :) And yes, the glucose screen is easy. I chose the fruit punch flavor (the nurses told me it was the best), and I actually liked it; it tasted just like Hawaiian Punch - very, very sweet! The fun thing is it definitely gets that baby moving!