Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Doctor's Shirt Should Say?

Ok, I need your help!

As many of you know, I made shirts (to tell people that we were having a baby boy). The idea is that also these people that we love can wear these shirts when they come to the hospital to visit little Mr. Jackson.
We are Jackson's Mommy and Daddy! :)
This is Jackson's Honey! How cute is she! And how cute is her name! We love it!
This is Jackson's Papa... He is definitely already a Jackson fan!
Jackson has wonderful aunts and uncles!And super fun cousins!

And Jackson's friends will have shirts and even his girlfriend, Daisy, will have a onesie that says "Jacksons Girlfriend"

Now my question....a VERY important person on the delivery day is my doctor. She obviously has been and will be a crucial part of my pregnancy. So I think she needs a shirt too. :) I know that she will probably not wear it. But I want her to feel a part of our family that day. But what should it say? She is not Jackson's Doctor, she is mine? She takes care of me, and basically catches him, right? So should it say Jackson's Catcher? We need your help!



Julie said...

Oh that is too clever! I like Jackson's catcher!

God bless the broken road said...

how about the welcoming committee??

mgoff said...

possibly Jackson's deliverer? (how do you spell that?)