Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Last Weekend

Being somewhat unemployed (I will explain the somewhat in a bit), you would think that you wouldnt dread Mondays like you normally would when going to work. And I probably dont dread it AS much, but I still dread it. My husband has to go to work, so he is not around as much. So I just have to depend on texting. :) But since my husband is paid to go to church on Sundays, he gets Fridays off. And oh how I love Fridays!

This past Friday, he still had his accountability group way early and then he went and worked out. But when he got home, we were able to go have a yummy lunch at Chick Fil A...and go buy Jacksons crib! We love it! And can not wait for it to arrive! The picture I am attaching of the crib is french white, but we ordered ours in an expresso color. So it will be a really really really dark brown color. Very pretty. After we bought the crib, we went and finalized some thoughts about what we are going to register for. Can I just tell you how overwhelming it is.. having never had a baby...and with all the differences in brands, etc. OVERWHELMING. I am just so thankful that I have friends who have opinions about this stuff.

Here is a picture of Jacksons bedding, I took a picture of the picture on the front of the packaging.. since we dont have our crib, it is not set up. But it will give you an idea of what it looks like. We love it. Craig and I found that with baby boy bedding, most everything is themed or very modern. We really didnt want either of those things. We really wanted something just very simple, very traditional and classic. And I really think we found out!
You cant really tell from this picture.. but the bed sheet that came with the set and the crib skirt are both light blue and white gingham. It is just very very sweet. And the inside of the bumper is just so soft! We love it!

Saturday night, Craig and I went with my parents and Ward and Reese to our friends Juli and Kody's beautiful wedding. It was definitely a special night for them! All Saturday, I kept thinking about Juli and how excited she must be. I just know how I felt my ENTIRE wedding day... it was just the best day ever. It makes me have a whole new appreciation for the bride on her wedding day. How special!
Back to being "somewhat" employed. I go in for training on Thursday afternoon at my State Farm agent. I am working nine days between now and Christmas for him, since his receptionist has so much vacation time left this year that she has to take. I am looking forward to having some things that I HAVE to do. AND then, Mindy found out yesterday that she gets to go back to work two days a week, so I get to watch cute little Daisy those days until Jackson gets here. It will be so nice to be able to spend more consistent time with a baby, especially since I am going to have one of my own very very soon. I am very excited!


Christi said...

CUTE bed and bedding! Dark furniture is VERY in... and you've seen our baby room, right!? We just did pink polka-dot bedding on a black crib and found the PERFECT polka-dot rug - simple is better IMO as well!

Counting down the days till we get to see you!!

erinkern said...

Cute crib and bedding--how fun! :)

The McClures said...

cute pics, can't wait to see the crib and bedding all together!! REALLY cute picture of you and Craig!

Matt and Shara said...

Yes, I read on Mindy's blog that you'll be watching Daisy - so fun! And I love the crib and bedding. I'm all about simple and sweet. :) What brand is your crib? It actually looks just like ours, and I LOVE it! (Only we did get the white one.)