Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Raley Meets Baby Doll Smith

Raley has been my little baby for the past 4 years. And he has become quite accustomed to being the center of every adults life that loves him (especially, me, Craig, and my parents). With the addition of little Jackson in a few months, I have started to wonder how he is going to respond to someone who is going to become the center of our universe. I really really really want him to respond well, and love and protect Mr. Jackson. Thanks to facebook, I have seen all these REALLY cute pictures with people's dogs loving on their baby! I want to have those cute pictures too. :) So, I have been reading and listening to people's advice about how to get a dog accustomed to a baby. And who knows if it will work. And who knows if it is necessary, but we figured we would give it a try. So step one was introduced into Raley's life this week!

Meet Raley!Meet Baby Doll Smith!So, I carried Baby Doll Smith around like she was a real baby. And Raley had NOTHING to do with me or the baby. He wouldnt sit next to me, he would come to me when I called him. He had NOTHING to do with me. And although, I hope that is not how he is when Jackson is here. It was reassuring that he wasnt going to jump off of him like he does everyone else. Until at least he gets comfortable with him. :) But I decided that Raley and Baby Doll Smith needed to take a photo shoot. Here are some of the cute ones. And when I say cute, I mean funny. He looks TICKED at me.
This last picture is my favorite! I tried to have Raley hug Baby Doll Smith. He looks completely uninterested and so mad at me! I was laughing so hard taking this! I can not wait to see how he is with our real baby! He has a few more months to adjust!

Step 2, we are going to start playing a crying baby. We just need to find a cd of a crying baby first.

I'll keep you updated on Raley's progress. :)


The Firestone's said...

Hey..we tried the baby doll thing too with Riley, and he didn't respond at all- He just went about his buisness like normal- so who knows- Hopefully when the time comes, they will just get use to it :)

absonjourney said...

We sent home a blanket from the hospital the baby had been in and put it in the dog's bed. Our dog adopted our baby when we brought her home and now favors here over all of our kids.