Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Disgusting but Honest Blog about My Week

Ok, so if you are still reading.... this is somewhat of a disgusting post. But, it is a honest real, and somewhat funny story about my life this week.

So Friday was "Ultimate Friday". Our students were out of school for Fall Break. So Craig planned this great day where the students came to the church and played Ultimate Frisbee, did a service project and played sling shot paint ball. So the majority of the day, we were outside. And it was one of those stereotypical "where the wind comes sweeping down the plains" Oklahoma day. So my allergies started to bother me.

Saturday, Craig and I spent the day outside at the OU game. Again, allergies were going crazy.

So by Sunday, my allergies were getting pretty bad. At this point, I should have done research on what medicine I could and could not take. But instead, I decided to not take anything and hope that it would go away. Bad idea.

Sunday night, I had to spend with kleenex stuck in my nose all night, just so I could sleep. Monday, I was miserable. I finally found the "ok" medicine list and found out I could take Sudaphed. It was too late. I was messed up. This was the first time that I have been this sick since Craig and I have been married. He definitely saw me at my worst! My mom said "if you feel as bad as you look, you feel bad". I am telling you, I looked SICK. My eyes were almost swollen shut. Cute. So, I take medicine. And mom suggested the neti pot. Ok, do you know what it is? It is this little bottle that you mix some salt with lukewarm water and stick it up your nose and squirt it so it comes out the other side. It looks alittle something like this:
Gross huh. Well, I was so miserable, I decided to try it. I was so stuffed up, that it didnt even come out the other side. I was in bad shape. But I really do think that it helped somewhat. So then, we decided to boil some water and stick my head over it with a towel to get the steam to loosen stuff up. It looked alittle something like this:I am sure this helped too. Although when you are stuffed up, and you are sticking your head over steam, I thought I was going to suffocate. I was a bit dramatic.

That night, I slept in a recliner.

The next morning, I was feeling a bit shaky and a little nauseous because I had been taking that medicine. So I decided to eat some toast before I took the next round of Sudaphed. I felt better, so I decided to try the Neti Pot again, because I did think it helped the night before. So I went to my mom's bathroom to do this procedure. Well, pretty close to the beginning, instead of going through the other side of my nose, I kinda sucked the luke warm salt water down my throat. It made me gag. And THEN.. (this is where it gets way gross), I got really nauseous. I told my mom I thought I was going to throw up, so I turned to go into her little room with the toilet, I walked in the room, turned to go to the toilet, and I threw up.. like projectile vomiting. I didnt even make it to the toilet. It went all over the wall, the floor and the toilet. It was sick. I have never not made it to the toilet. And here I am 27, having projectile vomitting all over my mom's bathroom. I felt so bad! AND, my mom cleaned it up. What a good mom I have.

Needless to say, I am SCARED TO DEATH of that neti pot. I dont care how much it helped. It was NOT worth it!

Gross huh! :)


Julie said...

oh my goodness! are you feeling better?

Christi said...

You poor thing... sadly I am CRACKING UP laughing at this post, please tell me that this does not make me a bad cousin-in-law. I DO feel bad for you and I hope you're feeling better!! That said, you're a very good writer and the pictures cracked me up as well.

Amanda Isaacs said...

You crack me up! Next time try a tampon up your works great for me.

Alena said...

That's pretty hilarious. I've always wondered if those things work...but I now know I will never try them.