Saturday, October 25, 2008

Jackson Update


The high risk doctors appointment could really not have gone much better. Craig and I got the the doctors office, which was alot less busy than a regular OBGYN's office. We had to wait a while, but we were aware that this might happen. So we were not surprised. Then this really nice girl, Melanie, came and got us. She took us bad to this dimly lit room, with a huge TV on the wall, and alittle chair/bed that I laid on. Melanie was so great. She was VERY patient with me and all of my questions. The first thing she did was show us the cyst. So, it was still there. She explained to us how common these cysts were. Very reassuring. She then went on to look at EVERYTHING. First of all, Jackson is still Jackson. :) She looked at the spacing of his eyes, she look at his spine, she looked at his heart, she looked at his brain, she looked at his kidneys. She thought everything looked good. And she said she really didnt think the doctor was going to be concerned. Again, reassuring. She even did the 4 D ultrasound for us. So we really got to see our little man. He is only 1 lb 1 ounce, so although he looked pretty big to me, obviously he is VERY small, and still has alot of development to do. But it made sense why he is feeling stronger and stronger every day when he is kicking me!

We waited about 20 more minutes when the doctor came in. The first thing that he did was look at the spacing of Jackson's toes. Evidently Downs Syndrome baby's have a big space between the big toe and the second toe. Jackson's toes were fine. Then he looked at his hands, which were not knarled, but straight and normal. (Maybe sweet boy wont have his mom's wierd double jointed fingers). The last thing he looked at was his brain. He struggled to even find the cyst. Which obviously, we knew was there. When he did find it, he said "this could be a cyst, it might not be". Evidently the part of the brain where the cyst is (I can not remember the words, sorry), is filled with spinal cord fluid. And its kind of like a sponge. So these cysts are basically just fluid filled spots that will eventually burst and go away. The doctor said that we (me and you) could actually have these cysts and never know about it. Because it doesnt cause anything from headaches to retardation. He told us, he believed that we had a healthy baby boy. And that the cyst would go away by the third trimester (which is in 2 weeks!). We will have another ultrasound around week 30.

Needless to say, Craig and I left the office more than relieved. I was so excited about my baby boy! But now, having that weight lifted, I can hardly stand it! I can not wait to meet my little one!

Craig and I went to Hot Springs after the doctors appointment to check on our house. We went to this super cute baby store and found Jackson's coming home outfit! He is going to be the cutest baby alive!

My wonderful husband has put together a list of things that we are specifically praying for in our life right now. I thought I would share it with you. We appreciate your prayers more than you know!

My buddy gave me some great advice. When he and his wife were expecting their son, they started praying very specifically about many things. To quote my pastor, "You don't have because you don't ask." Well, James via my pastor. But as far as it accounts with me, I am going to let you in on the very specific things I(we) am(are) praying for:

1. A healthy, cyst-free pregnancy.
2. Danielle to be able to enjoy life until the baby comes, without any bumps in the road.
3. Jackson to be born in a smooth and normal birth.
4. Jackson to sleep through the night early on.
5. Jackson to be a healthy and happy baby boy - sans colic.
6. That Jackson would take to nursing with Danielle.
7. That our house sells ASAP, before the baby comes with enough time for us to house hunt, shop, purchase and get it ready for a baby.

That is the list. As far as it goes with me, I am praying for these things daily.