Sunday, October 19, 2008

20 Weeks

Here are a couple of pictures of me at 20 weeks. I can not believe that I am truly halfway done with my first pregnancy! And that in 20 more weeks (maybe alittle less), Craig and I will get to see our little Jackson's precious face! Obviously, I want to wait (he needs to get all developed!) BUT, I can not wait to meet our little guy!

Mindy and Chris finally got to have a date night to celebrate Chris' birthday! And Min gave us the opportunity to watch Daisy! It was so much fun! And a little bit surreal to think that in 5 more months, we will be holding our own little one. I cant tell you how many times I checked to make sure Daisy was breathing when she was sleeping. She is precious and sweet! And Daisy loves her Uncle Craig, I think maybe, just maybe more than her Aunt Danielle!
Craigs BFF, Mike, called us while we were babysitting Daisy and offered us two tickets to the OU/ Kansas game! We were both so excited. It was the first game for both of us to get to attend this year. I was just for sure that Jackson was going to know EXACTLY where he was, and he was going to be very active, because he was for sure going to be clapping along to Boomer Sooner. Well, the only time that he got active as when Craig and I were walking up the millions of ramps to our seats. I think he was quite confused as to what in the world I was doing. He slept the whole game! He must not have figured out the beat to Boomer Sooner... :)
This picture was taken today at church. We had a youth workers luncheon. Craig and I are really blessed to be surrounded by youth workers at FBC Newcastle who are really passionate and are extremely helpful. It has been a pretty seamless transition.

Well, Thursday is the big day this week. I had a really good week last week. I felt really good about everything, and pretty confident. Today, I have been a bit more emotional about the doctors appointment. I think now more than anything, I am scared. I just dont know what to expect. I am holding on to the fact that my doctor, who I trust, said many times that she is not worried. But more than anything, I know that my God has His hands on our precious one and is caring for Jackson all the time! I just pray that he keeps hugging him until I get to! Please just keep praying for our little Jackson and for Craig and I as we prepare for Thursday!


Dara Steward said...

Dan, looking great! You're on the downhill slide! But as I remember the last half was the harder half. I am praying your appt goes well on Thursday. Ryan will be gone Mon-Wed, so we should get together. I don't know what your schedule will be like, but we are free. My parents said they enjoyed getting to see you!

Julie said...

I'm glad you guys got to go to the OU game. It's funny that Jackson slept the whole time...he'll learn!

The McClures said...

You look so cute! I will be praying for your appt this Thursday... I know you are going to be so anxious about it until it is over! Hang in there!

erinkern said...

Hey! I am still new here on blogspot, so it is nice to see a familiar face! How exciting that you guys are having your own little boy--that is awesome. Congrats! I look forward to following along on your journey..! :)

reeseann said...

20 weeks??? its going so fast!!!
hope you had fun at the ou game! i still havent gotten to use my tickets yet this season, but hopefully things will slow down so we can all go together!

Matt and Shara said...

Yay, 20 weeks! And you still look so cute!!