Saturday, October 11, 2008

19 Weeks!

Can you even believe it? I am 19 weeks along in my pregnancy! Crazy! Even though we realized VERY early on in our pregnancy that we were pregnant, it still seems as though time has flown by! Maybe its all the changes that have happened in Craig and I's lives since we found out. Or maybe it is just because while you are pregnant, you are constantly looking forward to the next thing.. whether it be the next trimester or even your next doctors appointment! Every day, I think my stomach gets alittle bigger and harder! Last night when I was sleeping, it just felt heavy. And I am feeling baby Jackson more and more every day. And I LOVE it! I found out that he really likes when I eat ice cream. And that he really didnt get excited watching OU. We are going to have to work on that!

Here is my latest pregnancy picture!And this is what is happening to our baby!

Your unborn baby's organs continue to grow. His body is covered with lanugo—soft hairs and a sticky protective coating that keeps his skin from drying out in the amniotic fluid. Your baby is moving frequently, and by now you should be able to feel those movements. Your physician can hear your baby-to-be's heartbeat with a stethoscope placed on your abdomen.

Baby is covered in vernix, a white, cheesy "cream" that protects her skin from the long bath in amniotic fluid. Preemies are covered in vernix at birth—"posties" have almost none.

How Big Is Baby?

Your little one weighs in at around seven ounces and he's between five and six inches long (crown to rump).


The McClures said...

I am glad you are blogging pics, I love seeing you pregnant! You look so cute!!!

Dara Steward said...

You really do look great. I'm glad you seem to be enjoying pregnancy! If you haven't already heard this, let me just say that this will be the easiest time to take care of Jackson. He's with you all the time, you can feed him with no effort, and he is safe. Remember this! :o)

Matt and Shara said...

What a cute belly! You look so great, hope you're feeling as good as you look! :)