Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Hair and Hattie's Birthday

What is my natural hair color? I like to lovingly refer to it as mousey. You know, not blonde, not brown.. just kinda dead looking. Obviously, I have been blonde for a while now. And with all the vitamins that I am taking, my hair is growing at astronomical rates. So, I decided that maybe it was time for a change. I am hoping for a bit less upkeep during these last months of pregnancy and first months of mommy hood.

Mindy was also wanting to go and get her hair done. So we decided to make the trip together. It was GREAT! Not only did I get to spend time with her (which she is looking fantastic!), but I also got to spend time with precious little Miss Daisy! Here are a couple of pictures of Daisy on her first trip to the hair salon!!And then, Amanda got to come to Oklahoma City because she was volunteering at a Math Conference. But since Craig and Brent (Amanda's brother) work together now, we were invited to Hattie's family birthday party! It was great to be able to see Amanda! I really miss her being in the Oklahoma City area! But am glad that she is loving being married to Chad in Miami!

Thanks Brent for inviting us! We loved being a part of the "Parsons"!
Happy Birthday Hattie!!!


The McClures said...

LOVE your hair!!! It looks awesome!

I am jealous of your day!

becca! said...

Brown is a super good color for your hair! It looks really pretty:)