Sunday, September 28, 2008


Sundays these days are a MARATHON. I mean they start super early and I get home pretty late. But they are wonderful. And they are going to be even more wonderful when we live in Newcastle. But now, Craig and I have to drive two different cars down on Sunday mornings (because he has to be at prayer meeting before the 8 am service, and I am not going to get there until Sunday School at 9). Then we have church at 10:15. It is nice, because they start the second service early, we get done by 11:30! Its great! Today, after church, Craig and I went to Charlestons. There are so many restaurants in OKC that he hasnt been to, so we are having a good time going to different ones! So he had his first Charlestons experience, which I think he really enjoyed! And of course I did too. Baby liked the salad too! After lunch, our friends the Watsons invited us to spend the afternoon at their house. It was so nice, so that way we didnt have to drive back to Edmond just to turn back around and drive back to Newcastle for night church. So we spent the afternoon with our friends watching football and playing BananaGrams. Have you ever heard of such a game? I hadnt.. today was my first day to play, but it was really fun, even though I wasnt very good! Night church was good and then we had a fellowship with the youth choir! So I didnt get back to Edmond until after 9. See a long day!

I have really been wrestling with what I should be doing.. working wise... during the time between the baby. I mean, I am FULLY capable of working right now, however, not many companies (even though it is totally illegal for them to discriminate) want to hire a girl who is pregnant. And I really can not blame them. Not that they think that I would not be capable of the work load. But, normally pregnant people need more time off and then the company is always holding the risk that the mom will choose not to come back to work after the baby, even if their first intention was to work. SO, I totally understand. Thats why I thought the whole substitute teaching would be perfect. But I have learned something. High Schoolers for the most part are MEAN and DISRESPECTFUL and RUDE. I have spent the majority of my time at a high school in Edmond. And it has been shocking to me! My final straw was on Thursday in my Mechanical Drafting class, where three kids were CLEARLY cheating in front of me. I mean, not hiding it. And then wanting to get out of class "to go to the bathroom". Please. I called them out on their cheating and I think embarrassed them. But instead of them feeling bad, they just pushed and pushed and pushed. And THEN, this junior kid, who had been cheating decided to bully this freshman, and started a fight in the classroom. Let me remind you. I am pregnant. I am NOT about to step in the middle of two stupid high school boys, who clearly have lost their mind. So I left the classroom as the fight began to get another teacher. Not only did the teacher come to stop the fight, HE BROUGHT HIS WHOLE CLASS TO WATCH! I was so ticked. Let me just say, I was not subbing for the money, but just thought it would be the best fit for this imbetween time. But I can tell you that I do NOT make enough money to deal with that sillyness. And I am not going to continue to put myself in a situation where I could compromise my child's safety because students have lost their minds. SO... I had a decision to make. And I decided that even though, I will continue to sub for middle school, I am not going to be subbing at the high school level anymore. Those kids just think they are way too cool (for the most part.. of course there are the really sweet respectful normal kids too). I also decided that I am going to start applying for part time jobs. We will see if someone will take a pregnant person who is fully capable of working now. I know that they will be taking a risk on me... but I really think that I will continue to want to work part time even after Baby Smith arrives.

Another major decision we are faced with right now is our house in Hot Springs. I want to sell it. We need to sell it. Craig and I are both really wanting to be living in Newcastle. There is just something peaceful about that place! I think we have both gotten to the place where we really dont care how much money we make on it, we just want it sold. So, we just need to decide what we want to lower our price to and continue praying that God sends the right buyer to our house. We find out the sex of our baby in a week, and I can tell you that I am going to want to be planning our nursery as soon as we find out. Kinda hard to plan when you dont have a space to plan for. So please join us in praying that we sell our house in Hot Springs and QUICKLY.

Love you all


the woolseys said...

i want to see some prego belly pics! :) glad to hear you're feeling well!

mgoff said...

great post dan! glad things are gonig so well.

The McClures said...

I second the wanting to see some pics!!!
I will be praying for you and selling that house!!!

Julie said...

yay for the updates! 2 for me to read! i'm impressed.