Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baby Smith's First Trip to OKC Doctor

Today was my first OB appointment with my girl's doctor in Oklahoma City. I was really excited to go back and see Dr. Wilks. I just feel so comfortable with her and her nurse. She is just so gentle and caring! I really could not ask for a better doctor!

The appointment went really well! She was really able to reassure me about the things that I was slightly worried about. She told me things that I had already told myself, but it so nice to actually hear it from someone who knows the human body... instead of someone like myself who just self diagnoses based on very little. :)

I was expressing how excited I was that she was going to get to go through this journey with me, but that I totally understood that she might not be able to deliver our baby. She reassured me there also. She delivers 95% to 100% of her babies. That is so GREAT! She said that, of course, sometimes things come up, like her child's birthday party or she might get stuck in Norman at an OU game. But still, she likes to try her hardest to be at all of her births! That is such wonderful news!

We listened to our baby's heartbeat again. It never ceases to amaze me! It is such a wonderful sound. It was beating at 154 beats per minute. Just perfect! But clearly, Baby Smith, is a busy little bee.. even this nurse mentioned it! I was telling Craig, that although all this moving is quite cute right now.. when our baby gets bigger and its space gets smaller, it might not be quite as cute. :)

AND, we set our ultrasound appointment to do a thorough check of our baby's heart and brain. AND to find out the sex! It is October 6th.. in two weeks. We can not wait. We are actually VERY excited about the timing of ultrasound, it will be about a month since the emergency ultrasound, so we will be able to see some changes in our baby.

We are definitely in love with our little one!


The Firestone's said...

I can't wait to find out!! It will just make everything seem so real!!Have you thought of any names yet?

danielle said...

we have thought of names! i think you are so right.. it will be great to think of our baby by name!!

mgoff said...

we are so excited for you. cant wait.

Matt and Shara said...

2 weeks - yay!!! Do you have any "hunches" of what it is?? I'm going to predict a boy... :) And it sounds like you have a great OB - she's a SOONER, what more do you need?!