Sunday, September 21, 2008

Life Updates

Life is busy right now. We like it that way. But slowing down is always a good thing too... especially now with my precious one sucking every little bit of energy I have. :)

Craig is getting into the routine at FBC Newcastle. What a blessing this church is. It is filled with very wonderful people. And Craig has definitely been blessed by the staff he is working with! They are doing so much to make sure that he feels welcomed. They even let him teach them how to play ultimate frisbee! From what I hear, the staff is quite good.. I think they will be challenging the staff from Southern Hills Baptist shortly. :) Now, we just need to get our house sold so that Craig doesnt have to drive quite as long every morning. We did get him a new to us car, so that makes his commute alittle bit more comfortable!

I got in town at just the right time to be able to be there (not in the room.. but in the same hospital) with one of my very best friends Mindy, as she had her precious baby, Daisy June. What a wonderful day that was! I am so glad that I could be there for the occassion. It has been such an exciting time watching Mindy change and develop with Daisy inside of her, and then to see the "finished" product was just absolutely amazing. And Mindy was such a trooper. People have asked me, if it scared me or made me more anxious at all. And it really didnt! It made me even more excited to meet our precious one! In due time! :) The rest of my week was spent at Edmond North High School, substitute teaching. High school kids are mean and disrespectful. And I am young. So I can only imagine how mean and rude they are to the older people who are subbing. As many of you know, I dont mess around. I didnt in staffing with adults and I am not going to subbing with kids. But, I am not going to lie, it is nice to know that I am with them for one day and then dont necessarily have them again.

I go to the doctor on Tuesday for the first time in Oklahoma City. I can NOT wait to see Dr. Wilks and talk to her about everything. If I was going in Hot Springs, this is the appointment we would find out the sex. But, I am not sure if we will here. They have to make me an appointment to go to the hospital to have an ultrasound. So I dont know if they will have time for me to go on Tuesday. I hope they do though, especially since Craig will already be off. But who knows.. they may make me wait, especially since we just had an ultrasound a couple of weeks ago.

Our baby is 17 weeks old this week. These are the developments!! I am SO happy, Baby Smith can hear! So now, we really can talk to him/ her and they will start recognizing our voices. This makes me smile!

Around this time your baby's ears pop from his head and Baby-to-be can now sense sounds. After all, he has plenty to listen to in utero! He's accustomed to the strong beating of your heart, blood rushing through your veins, and your stomach grumbling. He can also discern sounds outside the uterus, like your voice and music. Although, according to the Mayo Clinic, whether he can distinguish the sound of your voice versus other sounds is not yet clear.

On average, most moms are feeling fetal movement by week 17. Kick, little one, kick!

How Big Is Baby?

This week your little one weighs in at around five ounces and stretches to just over five inches (crown to rump).


The McClures said...

I hope you find out the sex this week!!! That would be awesome!!! I got your email... will email you back tonight. I am at work!

mgoff said...

Glad to know I didn't scare you! I am surviving and starting to thrive so really one week recovery, who can complain? Hopefully we will get together soon.