Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Our Baby- Week 10

Only two more weeks left of the 1st Trimester. And I can tell I am feeling better. Not that I ever got sick... but, I am not getting as tired through out the day, but by the end of the day, I am exhausted. And I am not STARVING at all hours of the day (thank goodness). I still get really hungry, but at more normal times, which I appreciate.

Mom and I did have to do some more maternity shopping. How come, that whenever I was not pregnant, I would notice what I thought was cute maternity clothes in regular stores, but now that I am PG, things are HORRIBLE! Seriously, HORRIBLE. I did go to Motherhood Maternity in Quail Springs Mall, Mindy had suggested them.. what a fabulous suggestion. First of all, I do not pay alot of money for my regular clothes that I can wear longer than a few months... so I am MOST DEFINTELY not going to pay alot of money for clothes that I am not going to wear for more than 7 months at the most! Motherhood had a ton of stuff on sale and it was all relatively cute! I was very pleased! AND my jeans that I ordered from Old Navy came in yesterday and they are like a dream. Guys, I am not exaggerating. They are fantastic.

But alittle bit about our precious little one growing inside of me:

The vital organs are all formed and are working together. Tooth buds are developing inside your baby's mouth and the testes of a boy start producing testosterone, the male hormone. Nails appear on her tiny fingers and toes.