Sunday, August 10, 2008

First Negative Pregnancy Comment

First of all, Craig and I got back pretty late last night from an absolutely WONDERFUL weekend in Oklahoma. Our friends, Amanda and Chad got married! It was a beautiful ceremony, and was just perfect! It was SO fun to be a part of the big day! Thanks guy for letting me be a part. I will add pictures soon!

However, back to the title of the blog. We had to leave right after the wedding last night, because we had to get back to Hot Springs because Craig was preaching at both services. Needless to say, we were in rain on the way back home, so it took FOREVER to get back to Hot Springs.

Church was really great this morning. Our intern led in worship and did a great job! And Craig did a superb job preaching (he really did, even though, I am a bit partial). After the second service, I went to go stand in the receiving line with Craig, so that he could shake everyone's hands after the service. So, we are standing there, meeting, greeting, hugging, shaking hands, etc.... when this one church lady came and shook my hand and asked how I was doing getting adjusted to Hot Springs. Followed with, " I heard you guys are expecting a baby" to which I replied, " yes, we are, we are very excited!" To which she replied "yea, I am not sure how you are going to do" UMMMMMMMM EXCUSE ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! First of all.. I have NO idea what that meant, but it didnt sound positive. Secondly, I remembered that my facial expressions show EXACTLY what I am thinking (and I was NOT thinking very nice things at that moment), so I put a really cute smile on my face and said "well, we are VERY excited". As SOON as we got in the car, I told Craig what she said.. and I was able to express my feelings about this conversation more clearly. I just couldnt even believe someone would say such a stupid thing to someone who is expecting their first child. But, friends.. you will be proud, I was a good youth minister's wife today.


reeseann said...

haha what in the world??? that lady must be senile, yall are going to be great parents!!! but really, i cant even figure out what that was supposed to mean haha.

mgoff said...

Who knows what people are thinking! Don't worry I am sure there are many more comments to come, you just have to remember not to take it personal!