Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Precious Baby

Today was a BIG day for Craig and I. And one that I wont forget EVER.

Today was the first time that Craig and I have ever seen and heard our precious baby. First of all, according to my ultrasound, our baby's due date is March 2nd. But because it was so close to the March 4th due date, they are keeping March 4th the official due date.

The lady put the ultrasound gel on my tummy and started looking for our baby. And Baby Smith was VERY easy to find! And Baby Smith stayed very still so we could see him/ her very well. It was absolutely AMAZING. Our baby is 2.49 centimeters big. It is LITTLE. But you could totally tell it is a baby. How neat! And then, we listened to the sweet heartbeat. Baby Smith's heartbeat was beating at 175 beats per minute. I just cant even begin to explain to you the feeling I felt hearing that sweet noise inside of me!! And it was a total comforting feeling, knowing that our baby is doing well! It is a hard thing, not being able to feel the baby inside of me. It was such a blessing.

It absolutely blows me away that the baby we saw today on the ultrasound machine is part Craig and part me. And within the next few months we will get to meet our first child! WOW!


Steph said...

How exciting!

Anonymous said...

My daughter was born on March 4th, and my mom reminded me that it's the only birthdate that gives a command in life: "To March Forth" ! Congrats;-)