Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Baby- 12 weeks!!!

Thats right! It is the LAST week of my first tri-mester!!! WAHOO!!

Here is the update on my sweet baby! Everyday, I get more and more excited. And CAN NOT wait to meet this little one that is inside me!

Vocal cords and her tongue start to form. If your doctor uses a Doppler ultrasound, you can hear her heartbeat because the valves of her heart are developing. Her liver secretes bile, her pancreas secretes insulin and she even produces urine into the amniotic fluid. By the 12th week, your baby's head is now about one third the size of her body. She more than doubled her weight and length from ½ ounce to one ounce and from 1 ½" from the end of the second month to 2 ½ to 3" long.Her eyelids are growing and begin to fuse. She can open and close her mouth, move her tongue, swallow, open and close her fists, move her arms and legs and even gets the hiccups. At 12 weeks, you are significantly aware of the changes in your body and you are getting some relief from nausea and other symptoms that bothered you earlier in the pregnancy. Your clothes are definitely tight and you have probably wearing a bigger size now. In addition, now that the risk of miscarriage is behind you, you are probably more confident about the pregnancy. If you were to lie down, you can feel your uterus protruding from just under your pubic bone.