Saturday, August 23, 2008

Its Official!

It was actually official last Sunday. But we couldnt really talk about it until Wednesday. And I am just now getting around to blogging about it.

BUT.. my fabulous husband was offered and accepted the youth ministry position at FBC Newcastle. This has been a relatively quick process for us and a relatively long process for the search committee and youth at FBC Newcastle. But, we are all very excited about this new opportunity. With this super exciting change in our lives, came some really difficult things too.

Craig has been at FBC Hot Springs for EIGHT years. The average tenure for a youth minister at a church is eighteen months. He is extremely invested in this church and absolutely genuinely loves everyone. And everyone really loves him. So this process of actually leaving and telling everyone about it has been somewhat stressful and extremely sad.

Everyone has been very supportive. The youth workers, although the majority shocked, were understanding. The youth, although, very sad and emotional, are excited for us. They actually handled it was alot more maturity than I did when I lost my youth minister at FBC Edmond. Last night was the first night that Craig and I were out and saw several sets of parents. There were lots of comments to the effect of "you come along and steal him away", "its all your fault", etc. But all was followed up with "just kidding.. we are happy for you". Which I am sure there is truth in all of those comments. Everyone thinks it is wonderful that we are going to be able to be so much closer to my parents and Craig's family as we have our new baby. Which I agree.. but that was literally God being gracious to us and opening up an opportunity at the right time at the right church that happens to just be closer to our families.

Craig and I are enjoying our first weekend at home in a LONG time. The past three weekends we have been making the journey to Oklahoma. I am not going to lie, I am enjoying NOT driving. Although, I do enjoy the four day work weeks that I have been experiencing lately. We are getting the house 100% ready to list. We have a meeting with our realtor tomorrow at 2:30. Please pray for a quick sale of our house.

More updates to come, about this process, I am sure! :)


Tracy and Adam said...

Congratulations on moving back to Oklahoma! Maybe I can see you in person sometime....except that Adam and I would like to move back to Arkansas. Haha. We keep crossing the state lines going in opposite directions. Ours isn't anywhere near final though, just in the early stages. I'm so glad you'll get to be near family with a baby on the way!!

reeseann said...

yaaaaaaaaaay : )

The Austins said...

Congratulations on the new position! I am excited that you will be closer to family (and friends :). It is such a blessing having family close by with little ones. Hope you are feeling well... cravings and all. :)