Sunday, August 24, 2008


As I was pouring my glass of orange strawberry banana juice this morning, I thought about the different stages of "cravings" I have had so far.

So I dont really know if they are considered "cravings" or just something that I really want for a moment of time (is that the definition of a craving)? Anyway... at first all I could really think about was lemon berry slushes from Sonic. This was wierd. I never want those. But they were delicious at that time. The next was milkshakes. But not any milkshakes. Just the hand spun frosty ones from Wendy's. I dont know if this was because I work right by a Wendy's and see the sign ALL the time. But I got a chocolate one twice and then decided to try the vanilla.. and then I did not crave them again. I guess I should have been more specific.. I craved CHOCOLATE hand spun frosty shakes from Wendys. My longest running craving (is still happening) has been Taco Bell and Chinese food. I seriously want both of these things at some point of EVERY day. Dont worry. Not at the same time. I have a quick story about Chinese food. On one of our trips back from Oklahoma this past month, I was telling Craig about my extreme desire to eat some Sesame Chicken, Fried Rice, Egg Drop Soup and Egg Roll. Oh my goodness at that time... I REALLY wanted it. So he told me that after church we could go and get some. Hot Springs is FULL of buffets. And I really did not want a buffet. I wanted a sit down order off the menu Chinese place. So ALL night and ALL day I thought about this lunch. So we head to the Hunan Palace (the ONLY regular sit down Chinese restaurant in this town). We get there... it is CLOSED! Oh my gosh, I thought I would quite possibly die. So Craig quickly gets on the phone to ask someone if they happen to know of another regular Chinese place. They tell us this place that is on the OTHER side of town. We head there, it is NOT regular Chinese, it is only hibachi. I didnt want Hibachi. I wanted regular sit down Chinese food. I was about in tears. And Craig knows how I get.. so he asks me to just be patient. Sweet man. Well, we end up at a buffet, because at that point NOTHING sounded good.. except Chinese. It was one of the most disgusting meals I have ever eaten. EVER. But later that week we had regular Chinese food and it made my heart happy.

All that to say... I still crave Chinese and Taco Bell often. My latest in correlation with those.. have been juice (any kind of juice) and fruit flavored popsicles (you know like the real fruit ones... yum!) I never like juice, especially in the mornings, it always upsets my stomach. But I just dont care.. I just am loving the way it tastes! :)

So there.. those are my cravings.

Craig reads his letter of resignation today after both of the services. Most people know, so it wont be a huge shocker. But I know he will be glad for it to be over, regardless. And then we have an appointment with our realtor at 2:30 to put our house on the market. We worked VERY hard on our house yesterday. I worked very hard non pregnant pace... I think I am paying for it today. My left lower back is not feeling the best. I didnt lift anything too heavy.. I dont think... just constant work. I need to rest today.

Love you guys!


Craig said...

Yes, that is the definition of craving, dear wife. If only Taco Bell sold crab rangoon...

The McClures said...

Fun post! I ate A LOT of Oreos and shakes from Steak and Shake. Yummy.
Good luck tomorrow with your realtor!!! It is going to sell FAST!

Matt and Shara said...

That's funny, I went through a strawberry shake stage...had to have one every night for about 3 weeks during my first trimester. Right now it's pizza. But not just any pizza. It has to be cheese, thin crust (but not crispy) pizza only from Sbarro.

And take it easy, girl. Your preggo body can't handle as much as your pre-preggo body could. :)