Monday, August 25, 2008

The Beginning of the Lasts

Tonight was our last Monday Night Bible Study at our house. It was wonderful having the students to our house. Monday nights literally were my favorite nights of the week. These students are so special not only to Craig but to me. We had about 35 students at our house tonight, and I was so sad to see them go. This is just the beginning of all of our lasts in Hot Springs.

My husband is VERY much loved by this church family in Hot Springs. And my husband VERY much loves his church family. Although I am pretty new in the equation, I love the people at FBC Hot Springs. There are several people who have made my time in Hot Springs very memorable. I will miss many many people. And definitely want several of these people to be a part of my child's life when he/she is born. Many of these people in this church are Craig's family away from family. And although, I was setting myself up for some people "blaming" me. I mean, it would only make sense. I am from Oklahoma, I married Craig, we got pregnant and everyone knows my parents and Craig's family lives in Oklahoma... so SURELY I am the one that got us to move to Oklahoma. And I am not going to lie, I am so excited that God allowed the door to be opened to get us closer to our family. But I was in NO way looking or trying to persuade my husband to leave this place. Hot Springs would have been a wonderful place to raise a child. I absolutley love our youth. I absolutely love our house. It would have been much easier to stay here. But God opened the door for us, and this is a door, as Craig puts it..."he didnt just lead us to, but chose to lead us through". And we are excited. I have no doubt in my mind that many people understand this. But some dont... and thats ok. :)


Craig said...

The great thing about being called somewhere new, dear and loving wife, is that we don't have to give an explanation.

God called me to Newcastle. I chose to move my family there. For anyone to suggest otherwise is silly and borderline insulting. But what can you do? Such is the life chosen for and by us.

You are an incredible wife. Be patient.