Monday, August 18, 2008

And the Crazy Interview Continued...

Ok, I realize, that I am a few days late on this post. I apologize. But the life of the Smith's has been a bit more than crazy lately. So I am just getting to it!

Friday, the crazy interview continued. Let me explain. The husband came in for his scheduled interview. It was one of those things, where you really couldnt cut it short, because he had witnessed the entire process that his wife had gone through the day before. (Side note.. this is the husband, who she claimed invented drug screening for businesses in the state of Texas). So he shows up with his wife. I tried my hardest to ignore her. But she is a talker. As I was interviewing her husband, I must have had to remind her approximately five times that she already had her interview, and I was interviewing her husband. It would keep her quiet for a little bit. Anyway, her husband is strange. Imagine. And as we went through his work history.. funny thing is.. he never mentioned inventing drug screening. So who knows. Maybe she was confused.

Well, part of our process is that we do the background check WHILE they are sitting there. So that way if they lie on their application, we are able to call them out on it immediately. And then they have to tell the truth (or continue to lie) straight to our faces. Those of you who know me.. know that I love this type of thing. So, I am checking this guy's background and FIVE things come up. So, I turn his application over to see how he answered the criminal background question.. of course he answered "no". Normally, I get a bit excited about confronting a liar. But, instead, this time I wondered if I was going to be killed. I remembered the past days interview. But, I still did my job. I am a good employee. I put his application in front of him and told him to take a look at the question again and let me know if he answered it correctly. He read it out loud... very slowly, because evidently there were some tough words in the question... but he said that he answered it correctly. So I turned my computer screen around and said "ok, well i just pulled up your background and this is what came up". He FREAKED out. I have never seen a human's eyes get as large as his. It was scary. And then he started screaming "WHAT! WHAT! WHAT" And this his crazy wife started screaming "WHAT WHAT!!" And ran over to my desk. To which I replied, "I need both of you to lower your voices". Evidently that went across deaf ears, because the rest of our conversation was held approximately 28 million decibels (I think thats alot), higher than anything normal in an office setting. He told me that he never had these type of convictions. I asked him if it has the correct address attached: yes... I asked if had the correct name: yes. I asked if it had the correct Social attached.. yes... hmmmm.. Ok, but it is still not him! I told him over and over again that we needed to quit talking about it, that I didnt care about the story and that he and his wife could discuss it in the privacy of their own car.. he still proceeded to tell me the story that as they were leaving North Carolina, their daughter was murdered (of course she was.. because that would only add to the tragedy that happens to these people... SERIOUSLY). And that they hardly got out of North Carolina alive... I bet... I bet

Seriously, this couple is CRAZY!!!!!


The McClures said...

oh my gosh!!! that is totally hilarious, I am dying!